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Top 4 Updates You Should Make To Your Fire Safety Measures

You have an excellent fire suppression system installed. While that’s great, what about the ancillary equipment and devices you have in place? Is it time to update some of those fire detection devices and other safety equipment? If you think so, make sure to take a close look at each of these important pieces of equipment.


Fireproof Cabinetry

You need more than one type of cabinet that is fireproof. One kind is ideal for storing documents and other types of valuable items like the petty cash used to make quick purchases for the office. You’ll find that the fireproof cabinets designed for this purpose come in several designs that will fit in with the rest of the office decor.

You also need what’s known as fire safety cabinetry. These are perfect for storing any flammable materials used in your business. The materials and other features of the cabinetry help to prevent fire from reaching those materials and making a bad situation worse.


Smoke Detectors

When was the last time you considered the idea of replacing the smoke detectors? While the current ones still work, are they as sensitive to smoke as their newer counterparts? With fire detection devices of this nature, even ten seconds of additional warning could make a difference in terms of getting employees out of the building. If your detectors are nearing the ten-year mark, it’s time to consider replacing them.


Emergency Exit Lights

Just as fireproof cabinets help to prevent damage, consider adding or replacing the emergency exit lights as another way of keeping damage to a minimum. Even if you only have a couple of exits and everyone knows where they happen to be, remember it’s easy to get disoriented during a fire. The lights are visible through the smoke and make it easier for everyone to know which direction to go.

Make sure your emergency exit lights are connected to some sort of backup power system. In the event the fire disables your main source of power, the lights will still activate and continue to illuminate the space enough for everyone to get to an exit.


Heat Sensors

Fires can generate a great deal of heat. In some cases, the heat will spread faster than the smoke. In this scenario, it helps if you have heat sensors placed at strategic locations throughout the building. Doing so could provide more advance warning that something is wrong and allow everyone more time to get out. Investing in fire detection devices like these also make it possible to call for help sooner and possibly bring the blaze under control faster.

Take a good look at what fire prevention and safety measures you have in place. Consider how long different equipment has been in place and if it’s still in the best condition. Also think about adding some new pieces of equipment to the mix. With help from a professional, you can determine what changes, if any, need to be made.