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Top 6 Skate Spots to Skate Before It Gets Shut Down

This Los Angeles skate spot has been skated in almost all skate videos since the 90’s. Skating Legends such as Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams and more.

So much talent, blood and carnage has been spilled here in the name of skateboarding.Make sure to head over to this classic skate video spot. Skate it before it boils over.

#2 Hollywood High 12/16 Stair
This spot has had so many bangers that it makes Compton look like Malibu. One side has the Huge 16 stair that almost every pro has skated. The other side is the 12 Stair with a hand rail. You would think that the school would have caught on by now. For now, thankfully you can still shreddit. To avoid trouble and pedestrians, weekends are the best time to hit this spot.

#3 West LA Court House
Where do I start!? This is one of if not the most famous skate spot in Los Angeles. It has been in almost all the old school videos of the late 80’s all the way till now. Since the beginning of time it has been illegal to skate this spot and thousands of tickets have been written here. Famous for having a ton of ledges, an empty fountain, a four stair set, and a stage (a.k.a manual pad) has made this the ideal spot to skateboard. Finally in 2011 it became knobbed. You would think that the city would not do this to make more money off the skaters. Guess they wanted to “clean up the area”. Luckily last year Nike decide to make a deal with the city to fix up the ledges and open it up for a single day event. That’s where a local skater named Alec decided to take matters into his own hands and made a deal with Nike and the city to keep it open all year as long. Skate it now, for you never know when something could change.

If you haven’t seen this skateboard spot before, you have not been keeping up with popular skating culture. Europe has some of the best skate spots on the planet. This spot is located in Barcelona, Spain. The entire city was designed by Antonio Gaudi. He must of planned on re-incarnating to be a skater. The entire city is known as the “Skateboarding Mecca”. Skate it while you can!

#5 Santa Monica Pier Triple Set
This long triple set had been a skater hot spot for many years. I have looked down from the top of this set many times and only recently decided to fly down it. I can tell you…it is not for the faint of heart. The roll up is an old wooden walkway. Normally you have to hold off people from walking into the landing spot. Thus creating a nice spectacle for the wandering tourists. Santa Monica, being known as the “Republic of Santa Monica“, is known for their city council to make irrational decisions at anytime. There are multiple business here making it tough to navigate through. Skate it ASAP!

#6 Shorty’s DIY SPOT
Talk about a true DIY spot. This place has all the elements you would imagine seeing at a DIY spot. It has ramps, hips, gaps, homeless, dirt bikes, ATV’s and more. Be careful when skateboarding, for the crack heads are out and about all year round. Halloween does not contain them. It was first started in the mid 90’s and slowly piece by piece turned into a “real skate park”. Now you can skate it and enjoy the benefits of the blood, sweat and tears that went into the creation of majestic place. Just remember that the city owns this territory, so if they decide to develop the area, then spot will be torn down. Skate with grace and honor.