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Top Effective Online Marketing Trends

Online Marketing

The fact is that content marketing and online marketing will go through a much needed overhaul, and these changes are not just simple edits or tweaks to the rules. We are talking about a massive overhaul here. The tricky part here is that humans in general are not good at anticipating what could happen in the future. Even if all of us could feel and see these user-friendly innovations at the moment, we will not know the proper way to respond to these changes.

As a result of these major modifications, marketers have to carefully study subjective circumstances and adapt to radical technologies to maintain their relevance. This is because consumers are more dependent on the Internet for education, entertainment and general information nowadays. These channels include forums, review websites and blogs.

The good news is that this article has been created to help people make sense of some confusing elements and keep things Accessible. The following list contains the top effective online marketing and content marketing trends that businesses need to be familiar with:

Joining the Mobile Revolution

Why do companies have to do this? It is because customers can easily be found via their mobile devices. Anyone who spends a lot of time outside the house will notice that other people have their eyes on their mobile phones every 5 minutes or so. This is what startups, marketers and business owners can take advantage of, but statistics show that a lot of firms do not optimize their landing pages and websites for mobile traffic accessibility. Around $1 trillion in probable sales is lost because of this current practice.

Interactive Storytelling

A wise marketer will always ask himself or herself about what people are looking for. Based on researched data, consumers are drawn to engaging stories where they are a part of something huge, or to be more than just typical customers. This social and emotional game has just become more exciting due to interactive storytelling which creates a deeper connection with the target audience.

This online marketing trend helps build brand reputation by engaging the consumers in a significant relationship. The ingredients needed for an exciting story are morale, message and emotion.

Live Streaming

This global phenomenon started with social media networks like YouTube and Twitch, and is now being integrated into services like Vine, Instagram and Facebook Live. Those clever marketers will not make use of this online marketing trend to bore their target audience with their daily office activities. They will instead engage the consumers with live footage of an event. The benefits of doing this are enormous, such as building up a larger audience, and creating a buzz on social network sites as well as user engagement.

Live streaming a company event will grow a sense of urgency in those customers who want to see an exclusive event, especially if there are celebrities or other popular individuals involved.

Influencer Marketing

Speaking of popular individuals and celebrities, getting these influencers to impact a specific industry or niche in a positive manner is another effective online marketing trend. Influencers have long reach due to their popularity, and this can help a brand produce a faster ROI (Return of Investment). The company will coordinate with said influencers to boost their brand awareness and market their goods and services to the influencer’s network of followers or fans. The parties involved will make use of blogs, social media and other forms of online communication to interact with each other.

Influencer Marketing makes use of the traditional “word-of-mouth” style of marketing, but takes advantage of the latest advancements in communication technology. Those entrepreneurs who are experts in this online marketing trend have the ability to properly identify the influencers who will most fit the given situation and get the results that they want, and then some.

The Consumers Will Want Visual Content

Thanks to advances in computer technology, Accessibility, high-speed Internet and social media, a lot of consumers prefer to look at a lot of images instead of pages that are filled with text (apologies to the book readers out there, but this trend is constantly growing). Most social shares online have images in them, and it is becoming increasingly rare to see a blog without a picture or two accompanying the post. Here are some statistics on visual content that are valid as of 2016:

  • Social networks are composed of 63% of images.
  • Visual content updates on social media total 66%.
  • Half of all people online have shared a video or image that they discovered in the Internet.
  • Around 54% of everyone online has posted original videos or photos that they made themselves.

Whether businesses will make use of customer artwork, images, screenshots, charts or infographics, it does not matter in the long run. What is important is the use of visual content to entice the minds and eyes of consumers with something apart from just mere words.

Video Effectiveness

This is in relation to the discussion of visual content, as 2016 is considered the year of video effectiveness. According to statistics, approximately 84% of B2B marketers plan to increase their video marketing budgets the year after, and 83% of these marketers are in agreement that videos are efficient in helping them reach their content marketing objectives.

For an industry to capitalize on this trend, it must think of an Accessible and effective video strategy that provides product overviews or addresses common inquiries by consumers.

Repurposed Content

Recycling content is not a new topic of discussion, but this online marketing trend is quickly becoming popular as marketers find out that reusing content is easy and User friendly. If that particular piece has already connected with the target audience well, it should be a no-brainer to repurpose the content by adding more relevant information to it.

For example, a well-written blog post can be segmented into key pointers for:

  • Live video or chat sessions.
  • Sharable video clips.
  • Those “how-to” video tutorials.
  • Bullet points for discussion, like this one.

All of these online marketing and content marketing trends will help businesses succeed in promoting their brands, goods and services in an effective manner. Also if you don’t have any website you could always create one. What you need is a hsoting, domain name and a excellent website builder like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. There are lots of helpful sites with step-by-step tutorials on how to create your own website that you could use to build a website.