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Top Marketing Trends for 2017 Spotlight: Mobile Marketing

The internet and technological advances are constantly transforming our lives. Living on the go, and the convenience of having online access at all times is definitely winning out. For a whopping number of people, their mobile devices are becoming their primary computer. It’s no wonder, really: each new generation of mobile phones is faster and more powerful than the last. Because we carry them everywhere we go, they are turning into one device to rule them all. Of course, this transition from PCs to phones has been facilitated by an explosion in the world of apps – if you can do it, there’s an app for it. It’s only natural that the focus of marketing campaigns would start to shift in the mobile direction, and it will be one of the main marketing trends of 2017. Here’s all you need to know about it.

How is mobile marketing relevant to me?

If you are in the marketing field or have a business that needs promoting, mobile marketing is of an immense importance to you. People are using their mobile devices for everything – paying bills, browsing the internet, playing games, checking and posting on their social media networks. Big providers like are offering on-demand movie and TV streaming. Many people are replacing their e-book readers with their phones. Conversion percentage on mobile devices has also been growing rapidly in the past few years and is slowly nearing that of traditional channels. Therefore, mobile marketing is definitely the way to go – because that’s where you can reach the most people.

What can I do?

Bear in mind that more visitors will probably be seeing your website on a phone or a tablet than a traditional PC. After all, reputable outlets like Wired are predicting that in the very near future, for many people their smartphones could become their only computer. The basic first step, if you haven’t done this already, is to optimize your website for mobile devices. Once you have this step covered, your next move should be to invest in creating an app. If you are wondering whether you really need it, just consider the fact that, according to statistics, around 90 % of the time which users spend on their mobile phones is spent on apps. Of course, before you start investing your money and effort, it’s best to conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience. Who are you aiming your app at, and what are your target’s habits? Statistics can differ greatly for men and women, different nationalities, Android and iOS users, etc.

What is the most profitable area?

Unsurprisingly, the most money, hands down, is spent on mobile games. There are many ways to exploit this fact for your gain – one of which is, of course, creating your own game. The best way to profit from a mobile game is not, as you might expect, to charge for the game itself. Rather, by giving the game for free, you can later earn plenty of money from in-game purchases, selling items and equipment that help players win the game or advance faster. Of course, not every company has the desire or means to make a game. However, there is still a rather lucrative way to get involved. Many companies partner with popular games and offer special deals to players. For instance, if the player buys a particular product or service from a partner company, they are awarded bonus points, in-game money, or equipment for a particular game.

Don’t forget about social media

Social media is one of the pillars of modern marketing, and that is where most marketing experts focus their campaigns nowadays. However, while most people think of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, there are actually many other networks that can prove useful. In addition to covering the major social media, you should also focus on the ones that pertain to your niche.

Today, we are way past the point of talking about mobile marketing as a thing of the future – it’s already here, and it’s definitely not going anywhere, at least for the foreseeable future. That is why, if marketing specialists want to be able to navigate this rapidly changing new landscape, they must learn to adapt quickly.