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Top Spots in Paris to Explore Art and Culture

For many people, Paris is a top destination to visit. They dream of it day and night. For others, Paris is a cliché, and this is unfortunate. Even though Paris is on every list of top cities to visit, it is a kind of city that you can never get bored of. Every time you visit, you will discover something new and interesting. For example, the first time you go there, you can do it as a tourist. The second time, you can explore the food and wine. Then, on some other visit, you can explore the wonderful art and culture that Paris has to offer. And be sure, you will never get enough of this. In order to have a stress free time in Paris, and to be able to enjoy the art and culture without any distractions, make sure all travel and accommodation technicalities are taken care of. Once you got this done, you can set about on the next great cultural adventure of your life. So, if you are ready to take up this challenge, here are some suggestions on where to go and what to see while in Paris.




This is an obvious choice. The best spot for both art and culture, without a doubt. Take a stroll down the tiny cobble streets, and the many stairs of this Parisian neighbourhood and time travel. It will take you back to the times when every famous person used to spend most of their days here. You can also catch a glimpse of the modern artists, as they showcase their drawings and paintings on the small squares in the neighbourhood. When you get tired of walking, sit in some café and have a taste of really good French wine. And the best part of it all, on your way to Montmartre, you will see Moulin Rouge and the gorgeous Sacré Coeur. Certainly, you will feel like the main character from the movie “Midnight in Paris”.

Musée de l’Orangerie



If you are in need for a quiet, relaxing moment, then this is the place for you. Take a break from the city bustle and hustle, and dive into the waters of Monet’s “Water Lilies”. The museum houses this masterpiece and it offers the best way to see them. They are displayed just as Monet wanted them to be. The same way he envisioned them. So, when you get inside the room, you feel surrounded by the paintings, as though they are hugging you. This is because of the oval shape of the room. Thanks to Monet, who planned the positioning, the sizes and spaces between each painting, you will get a full experience of his art.

Shakespeare & Co.



This is a must-see for every book lover. It is the holiest of all bookstores. A small building, tucked in a corner, just across the river from the Notre Dame cathedral. This is where you will fall in love with literature, if you already haven’t. And if you already have, this is where you will seal that love forever. Take a pick from the vast offer of books they have. They have everything from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf. New editions, old editions – it’s your choice. You will not be disappointed.


Whatever you decide to visit, you will be amazed. Amazed by the offer, and by the beauty of it. Paris will charm you with its biggest attractions, but it will do so with the small ones, too. By walking through the city, you will see more on one street than in a whole museum like Louvre. You will learn of its history, of the great people and their culture. You will learn of the love they have for life. And that is one thing Parisians are the best at – living life to the fullest.


And these three items on the list are only the beginning. You can visit many other museums and neighbourhoods. Each corner of Paris has an offer for you. Its map is like a treasure hunt map. All you have to do is be willing to wake up your spirit for adventure.

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