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Trending on Feedster – Software, Skills, and Leadership October Edition by Will Robins

Trending on Feedster – The Start of Something Big – September & October Edition by Will Robins

I realized as we were discussing our editorial content calendar here at Feedster that we should do some editorials. As Nick and I were working through the Content Calendar we realized that we should have a “personality” behind Feedster and the best way to show this was to right some opinion and trending information here on the site. This is always a challenge as we are trying our best to make sure and inject personality into every post even though that is not necessarily either of our styles of writing. I am more detailed and technical while Nick is more persuasive and highlights.

So while looking into editorials I wanted to do a Monthly mid-month editorial post that basically went over the latest trending information. New tools for growing Feedster, music I am jamming to while writing, personal life influences, and any classes or online training I am looking at or taking to push me to another level. Basically a round-up of cool stuff that you should check out.

Trending Music on Feedster

Trending on Feedster
Music – Trending on Feedster

First you have to know that I listen via Google Play – $9.99 a month for unlimited music, playlist, new releases, and syncs all downloads and playlist across every device I have. I don’t have anything Apple anymore (no hate I just don’t) and so my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung Tab 4, Asus N550J Laptop (This is the best ever! i7, 16 G Ram, 256 SSD, 500 G HDD, with sick Audio) all sync perfectly and I can jam out on the road and anywhere I need to go really.

Also just so you can know. I like all types of Music but I really try to keep a pure heart and mind. Purity is a big deal to me. So I try to jam on some hip hop and Christian Rap.

I always have Lecrae, Trip Lee, (Pro) Derek Minor, KB (love Church Clap), along with various other artists in my play list. For my two cents: Grab all their albums and throw it in a playlist and just hit shuffle and get lost in Praise, Worship, and Focused Work while feeding your spirit all at the same time.

By no means am I perfect. I have written a lot listening to Drake and others… I just happen to want to focus my life on clean, pure, and uplifting encouraging vibes as I feel that is what God would want from me. I love coming off of 2 hours of writing and editing and feeling encouraged to do more with my life and spirit.

Will’s – What to Listen To:

As I noted above. I have a lot of artist in my play list but these two have a few songs that I love jamming over and over and over here recently released.

Trending on Feedster - Andy Mineo
Trending on Feedster – Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo

Wiki –

Site –

Twitter –

Facebook –

Quick clips of his release and him being funny – smile just watching it:


PRO – Derek Minor

Wiki –

Site –

Twitter –

Facebook –

Trending on FeedsterDerek Minors Newest Album – Empire – Here is the Entire Playlist on YouTube:


My current Favorite is by far his song Last Forever: Listen at 1:30 to that verse (Love it) – God’s Work gives you Peace!


Trending on FeedsterKB

Wiki –

Site –

Twitter –

Facebook –

KB’s Latest Album – Tomorrow We Live – Entire Playlist on YouTube


My Favorite Jam on The Album Right Now – Every Song on This Album is Awesome Though!


Hoping to see an Arkansas stop by either of these Artist on their tours. A couple of years ago myself and my son got to go to see Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and a few other Artist at a concert and it was amazing! ~ Will Robins


Trending On Feedster – Will’s Cool Brand Launching & Online Marketing Tools to Check out:

Next would be the cool tools we are using to grow Feedster this month. These are just a few of the things we have started having to utilize because of the sheer velocity rapid rate that Feedster is growing and gaining exposure. We are obviously in full planning, management, and reach out mode. We have to get in front of as many influencers in every direction as possible. This is not as easy to manage and keep disciplined about. So I will go over everything we are using trying to not leave anything out.

Management Suite:

Trending on FeedsterWe are currently integrating Sharepoint with Office 365 2013 to meet our document storage and calendars.

The site is built on WordPress with a lot of different coding, plugins, and custom functions.
Notice I said we are currently integrating. We are utilizing some outside resources for this. Building out Sharepoint is a skill and we have never dealt with it so this is a new area for us.


Trending On Feedster
Content Calendar – Trending On Feedster.

Content Calendar – Editorial Calendar

First in the lineup are a few sites that offered ungated access to their Content Calendars. We are in #StartUpLife mode so we are not spending a ton on our Content Calendars, Marketing Automation, Design, or anything for that matter.

Curata was a great place to see a simple infographic: unfortunately we found this after we had chosen exactly what we were doing and put together a Content Calendar on an excel spreadsheet.

We took this: and doctored it to meet our needs.


Keywords and Rank Tracking

We are using SemRush and to research keywords. We like Word Tracker because of its simplicity in storing keywords in folders. This makes it easy for us to download and place in our Search Engine Rank Tracking software.Trending On Feedster

Did I mention that we were in #StartUpLife mode? Our SERP tracker is totally free –


Cool Tools for Content Marketing and Influencers Marketing

These are a few post that are bookmarked and really helping me find new tools that will help me perform all the various outreach and marketing that we need day to day currently in Feedster.

Ninja Outreach: – This is a great tool for reaching out to influencers and marketing to them. The built in emails etc… are really helpful.

This blog post by them is how I found the tool – This is a great post that I bookmarked and started going through to look for ideas and tools to utilize.

200 Content Marketing Tools Post is a must Bookmark for anyone doing marketing –

Help a Reporter Out

HARO – – This site is really excellent for us finding experts on various points for post and write-ups. We also reply to queries with pieces to help gain traffic to the site.

Other Notable Tools We Use Frequently:

Buffer – Social Media Posting and Scheduling

Moz – Learning more and more about SEO and content marketing

Mighty Text – Sync your phone with your computer and work away even on your mobile at your desk. No need to bounce between SMS, Text, Apps, and Computer. Very Easy and Cool App.

Trending On Feedster

PicMonkey -Pictures are a big part of being visual with your content. This is one of the tools we use for that.

PiktoChart – Visual help for post and infographics. This tool like Pic Monkey are easy to use even when you have no skill like myself.

AppSumo – Deposit Photos – cool list from Noah that offers deals on cool tools you can use for online marketing. Sign up and get their emails. They also have some cool tools to use on your blog as part of their in house collection. That brings me to DepositPhotos – – I picked up a deal on AppSumo that they run often. I can’t remember but I spent a few hundred dollars and got 1k credits for pictures. So now if we need a picture for the site we can log into Deposit Photos and just grab it. This helps so much and speeds up knowing the place we are going for Pictures.


Trending on Feedster – Mentoring and Leadership

Trending On Feedster
Mentoring and teamwork concept in word tag cloud on white

Transparency and Influencers to Hold Yourself to a Higher Level

Anytime you are building something you have to decide who you want to be like. I personally like to think of it like this:

In your life you need someone you ae mentoring.

This often pushes me more than the people that are mentoring me. I feel that I have to demand more of myself for them.

In your life you need someone mentoring you.

This is often a relationship that you lean on in order to have vision for where you are going.

In your life you need your peers.

These are friends and people that you share your day to day experiences with.

In your life you need those that you want to attain the level of.

While many times these people are “Hero’s” or just larger companies and seasoned veterans in your field, they may not even know you exist.

Trending on Feedster
Leaders Are Readers – Trending on Feedster

Major Mentors and Influencers – This is where I am very fortunate!

Some of my Mentors are People that I want to be just like. I am active in many forums on the internet even before Feedster. I love getting to know those that have a higher level operation already. I gain insight from them on what the next level is like. While people are great, I draw the most from my savior – Jesus Christ and the Bible. His nourishment for me leaves me more content than anything else I could ever dream of.

Trending On Feedster
Jason and David

Benham Brothers – Shout out to War Room – Movie (Nice Appearance!)

David Benham Twitter Jason Benham Twitter – These two guys are amazing leaders of the Christian Faith. Their recent book, Whatever the Cost (Amazon non-affiliate link), (get an autographed copy) is an amazing testimony that I am currently reading (on my 3rd time so far) and I recently got a few copies and gave them to some of my other Mentors, Peers, and people I mentor. Trending On Feedster

Trending On Feedster
CMOW – Jason and David Speaking

I had the chance to get to know Jason and David at a Men’s conference here in Arkansas. Jason made the mistake of giving me his cell phone number… I took it on myself to text him frequently with my Goals and what I was pushing myself to do. He is sort of an accountability partner now as I know regardless I have to send that text 1 to 2 times a week and own up to my eating habits, daily scripture reading, and focus on purity. He also challenges me with wisdom. I can’t say enough good about them except read their book which is packed with their personal testimony.

They push me as I listen to the “hard places” they have been and how they relied on Christ to do their work and they did his. That principle is a tough one for me and I aspire to keep them a part of my life so I can draw on that wisdom.

They are hated by many for their views on Gay. I know them and they don’t “hate” anyone. They have nothing but love. They do hold the Bible as the ultimate accountability document and I agree with that.


Trending On FeedsterBuffer – Joel Gascoigne – On Feedster

Joel and his blogs help me as a “founder” to keep focused. His success and transparency push me to be pure and transparent. I don’t know a ton about Joel as a person and have not ever met him. I just draw from their great content and information all the time. I use the app for Social Media push on Feedster. I read his blog to look for new tips and tools. I read the blog for inspiration for the level that my content needs to get to. This is one of those relationships where he puts out information and I read and learn from it. He doesn’t have a clue who I am. – Their open transparency Trending On Feedster


Trending on Feedster – The Final Rounds of September – Family and Updates

September for me is a time for baseball. I coach a lot of the teams my son is on. Private Christian School here in Arkansas. This month wraps up our summer practice. I have been focusing on getting our teams fundamentals strong for the season next year. We will end the month with some fun (Parents and kids Aggie Mo) and pizza. This will bring on the basketball season, which I coach as well.


My wife had a birthday and I opened the day with gifts and love. My schedule is pretty packed currently but I spent the morning with her and hooked her up with some great Pioneer Woman Goodies (She Loves Her Stuff) and then went on a Hot Date that night. She is amazing and the reason I am able to do or be anything like I am. She is my best friend and wise council at so many times. I am so thankful for her!


My kiddos are back to school and that is a transition from a long summer. My son and his best friend work part time and help run my SEO firm. My daughter is steady researching how to become a Doll You Tube Star and wants to conquer all things Minecraft. They both are wonderful blessings and have a strong spiritual mindset.


Working out – I try to work out daily. This turns into about 3 – 4 workouts a week plus practices. The practices for baseball are 2 hours of sweat drenched 90 degree Arkansas heat that help me lose some weight. That is my current goal to drop about 80 lbs. This is harder than I remember. Being behind a computer for 8 – 12 hours a day and then binge eating while letting my brain relax has led to years of an extra 5 – 10 lbs all stored comfortably around my waist. This has to come off and that is another reason that I am drawing on the mentor and encouragement from David and Jason Benham as well as Joel Gascoigne.


Trending On Feedster Final Thought

This has been a wonderful month as we spiked 1300 visitors a day. The final development for the blogging software rolls out in a week. The plans are all getting together and trial test are showing that Feedster is a big hit! We can’t wait to grow and grow. If you have the passion and the work ethic then you can do anything that God puts on your heart. Take what you have and double it!



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