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Tweakments Are New Way To Maintain Youthful Beauty Like Jennifer Aniston

They are called tweakments, and actress Jennifer Aniston has recently been crowned the winner by 100 U.K. experts in plastic surgery and dermatology.

Tweakments are those subtle and artfully performed cosmetic procedures that allow a star to look perpetually ageless. Instead of undergoing major surgical enhancement, these non-invasive steps are brilliant at fixing the imperfection, and doing it, so it appears natural, normal and never over the top.

Frozen – Not Cool Anymore

Women want options and don’t desire the too pulled back, tight as a drum face and neck from decades gone by. Tweakments like Botox injections in wrinkles, chemical peels, teeth whitening and facial fillers can allow one to look rested, youthful and attractive when properly administered. Best of all, these procedures and treatments usually offer instant results, minimal downtime and affordable maintenance. Aniston is one of the A-listers who have discovered the perfect facial recipe that has fans scratching their heads, “Does she or doesn’t she?”

Aniston, 48, has only admitted to a nose job to help her deviated septum and to breathe better. She has not used Botox, so she claims. The experts believe otherwise but that the famous actress always stays within her beauty lane and uses just enough to look amazing.

Botox #1 Injectable For A Reason

Industry professionals at Cosmos Clinic who perform Botox injections in Sydney, know how popular the “wrinkle decreaser” is and administer Botox in the face and neck to a variety of patients at every adult stage in the Sydney region. Botox can allow someone to look 10 to 15 years younger when injected by the right doctors.

Studies show that millennials are wild about cosmetic enhancements, much of it due to social media and trying to keep up with their favorite celebrities and the tweakments they enjoy getting. Millennials want to look super hot on their Instagram accounts and appear as beautifully contoured as the popular stars they interact with on social media sites.

Beauty To Fill In Aging Contours

Facial fillers like hyaluronic acid deliver a youthful buoyancy to a face that is starting to sag or look hollow due to facial fat loss from normal aging. The experts estimate that Aniston has received fillers to achieve cheekbones that remain high and full with a sharp jawline to match. They also keenly note that her crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles are still there but not overly “Botoxed away.”

The materials and techniques used today in the cosmetic enhancement arena are highly advanced, safe and give incredible and instant results. Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue tied for second place in the U.K.’s tweakments list, and plastic surgeons believe these gorgeous women have been able to take advantage of the newest beauty resources available to maintain a spectacular youthfulness.

These semi-permanent fillers, for example, can also be reversed if the look they create is too much, not attractive or overly-filled. Aniston’s best friend Courteney Cox had her large chipmunk cheeks “removed” recently because people had noticed she looked fake and plastic. The stunning actress admitted to overdosing on facial fillers and had them reversed or dissolved with hyaluronidase.

No One Has To Know, Seriously

Big name celebrities usually don’t admit to any cosmetic enhancements, but Cox finally opened up about her days of overfilling with a good thing.


If one is ready to dip into the world of tweakments, then Jennifer Aniston’s lovely face is a good one to study and “copy” for the ideal balance of treatments to remain forever youthful.

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