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Upsides and Downsides of Family Vacations With Friends

Are you thinking about taking a group vacation with your family and friends? You probably saw some other people taking group family vacations and you thought that it might be worth a try. Still, you are not sure whether or not it’s a good idea and you’re wondering how to organize the whole thing.

Maybe you even have a dose of nostalgia back from when you were a child when your best friend came with your family on holiday and you want to give that experience to your kids, while reliving your old childhood memories. However, when we grow up, things change.

Everyone has their life habits, priorities, likes, and dislikes and for all parents, their kids come first. This also applies when you’re on a vacation, and you will naturally look to take care of your kids even when you are there. Simply put, it’s important to find the middle ground with the other family and agree on certain important things.

Pick your destination


The first thing you always need to remember is that you are all together in this adventure. This is something you should keep in mind whenever you are deciding on something that affects both families. Approaching things this way might seem difficult and exhausting, but this is just how it is. If you want to make your joint vacation a success, you will have to do it this way.

The first essential topic you should go over is the destination of your travels. Make sure that you first sit down with your family and talk amongst yourselves about where you would like to go and agree on a location. After you’ve done that, have a talk with your friends and see how they feel and which are their suggestions; try to find somewhere both families would like to go.

If you are both stubborn, or in fact cannot agree on a location you would both like to visit, then simply don’t go through with it. There is no reason for someone to go where they don’t like just for the sake of your fantasy.

How to handle the budget

The most important thing about your budget for the trip is to determine group costs which you will share between families and separate costs that will be taken care of by each family individually. The good side of a group family vacation us that there are a lot of opportunities for sharing costs and saving up.

There are a lot of tourist organizations that offer various accounts both for travel costs and accommodation, when there are a lot of people signing up at once. This is an excellent opportunity to reduce your costs and share expenses instantly. These fixed costs which you pay initially before the trip can all be shared.

Still, there are expenses both families will have separately. Both families should look to have their separate budgets for various family activities they plan on having once they get there. However, there are even ways to save up on family activities you can look for separately.

How to make the most of it


One of the best things about a joint family vacation is that there are so many things you can all do together and have a memorable vacation you and your kids will remember forever. This kind of vacation is especially good for the kids. They will have the opportunity to play and have fun with your friend’s kids and share experiences together and maybe even become really close.

Who knows? Maybe your kids become best friends just like you are. On the other hand, if your children are still small, they might get bored after the first couple of days, but when they are together, they will do their thing together and they won’t annoy you (the parents). This gives you an excellent opportunity to have some “parent time” and do some grown up stuff.

Sometimes, kids can be exhausting on vacations and parents can’t really relax and take the necessary time off; with the kids spending their energy on each other, you will have plenty of time. Still, if you truly want to be alone, you can do that if you like, there is no need to force everything all the time.

Going on a vacation with your dear friends and their whole family can be a great opportunity to rebuild friendships, make new memories, and catch up. There are a lot of things you can do together and, on top of that, you will organize the whole thing together, meaning that the planning part won’t be that exhausting.
Remember that it’s all about compromises and good organization. If you are into separate things at a certain point, there is no need to force anything; don’t be one of “those people”. Split up and enjoy yourselves separately.