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Useful Tips for Windows Replacement

Windows are the eyes of your home, so you need to feel their influence but do not notice their existence. If your windows let in not only fresh air and natural light but also drafts, show rotting signs and became hard to operate, then the time for an upgrade has come.




Why replacing?

Replacement windows will save your time and energy on maintaining old units and trying to avoid drafts every season change. They will also improve visual appeal of your home, regardless of its style and design. Moreover, windows replacement project is an investment into your future. Medicine Hat windows professionals explain that with new units you home will not only be more energy efficient and consequently has smaller energy bills, but it will also worth more in the market in case of re-selling process.

When to consider windows replacement?

There are some obvious signs your windows will be showing that signal about the urgent necessity of replacement.

  • Drafts
  • Rot and mould
  • Condensation together with fogging
  • Cracked caulking

What to know about new windows?

One most important thing that you need to keep in mind is connected to high vs. low classification of modern replacement windows in Medicine Hat. Both names are connected to the R-value (where R stands for Reflection) of a window. High R-value determines how well a window can prevent heat loss. It means that a window with high R-value will reflect additional heat from the house; high R-value windows are advised for warm climates where the temperatures are high throughout the year. The low in this classification stands for low emissivity or low-e windows. Contrary to the high R-value windows, low-e windows are used to preserve the heat of the house inside of it. Low-e glass is advised for colder climates where homeowners try to make their houses as warm as possible.

What installation options exist?

Today most contractors in Medicine Hat offer two main types of windows installation, namely retrofitting (a classic replacement, where a new unit is inserted into the existing casing) and brick-to-brick (in this case old windows and frames are stripped out and new units are installed from the very beginning). The former option being more budget friendly.

It is a common misconception, that retrofitting is less energy efficient. However, latest studies in Medicine Hat prove that if retrofitting is performed together with storm windows and low-e glass, energy efficiency level of replacement windows equals efficiency of the brick-to-brick units.

What else to know about windows replacement?

Unfortunately, many people do not realize or do not know about their homes much. Professionals from Calgary Windows explain that in just about every city in Canada the issue of window opening exists. If you did not have a window in the wall before or you plan to enlarge an window opening, you will be obliged to get a building permit for such construction works. Make sure to take care of this permit before you begin replacement project.




Which Kind of Windows Will Fit Your Architectural Design?

The quality and style of your new windows should match the architectural design of your home. Use top-of-the-line windows for a luxury home and mid-range quality windows in an average home. For instance, you can use geometric windows to add class and style to luxury home. Geometric windows are designed with uncommon shapes like diamond, pentagon, semi-circle, hexagon and octagon. However, if you plan to sell your home in the near future, bear in mind that installing high performance, elegant windows will not make prospective buyers pay more for a low-end property. For a low-end property, you should focus more on durability than elegance. You can read a home style guide online to discover more about the architectural style of your home and the type of windows that are appropriate for it.

Should You Install Multiple-paned Windows?

If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home, you may consider replacing old single-pane windows with multiple panes. Double and triple paned windows can help you to reduce your energy bills significantly. Many of these windows are filled with inert gas that prevents the flow of heat and energy into or out of your home. Multiple paned windows are particularly effective in areas where you experience more intense heat or cold from one season to another. The cost of installing multiple-paned windows is usually higher than most single-paned windows. But the energy cost savings that you enjoy will make it a very sound investment.

The tips provided here will enable you to choose the most suitable window for your home and even save cost in the long term. If you are buying a house and you intend to replace the windows, after you close the deal, ensure that you consult a window installation expert that will provide additional professional tips.

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  1. My window panes were broken the other day by a rogue baseball. Thanks for the advice about how a high R-value means less heat loss. I’ll have to see about finding new window panes with a higher R-value. Now I just need to find a licensed professional to help me out.

  2. Michael, thanks for putting together some tips for installing new windows. You make a great point about how a professional contractor can ensure that they are installed correctly and saving energy for your home. My husband and I would like to install new windows in our home, so we will have to speak with a professional about what materials would be best.

  3. That’s really cool that multi-paned windows will let you get more energy savings. Some kids were playing ball in the park behind my house, and they accidentally threw the ball through one of my windows. So, I need to get a new window installed. Thanks for the article.

  4. It’s great to know that one should consider getting a replacement window in order to save time and energy, as drafts from outside forces one’s air conditioning or heating unit to exert more effort and in a way affect one’s electric bills. I want to make sure that my bills are not affected because drafts from the outside or the cool air from the inside overworks my cooling and heating system. With this, I’ll get new windows installed in our home right away.

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