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Useful Tips on How to Get Noticed When Starting a New Business

Starting a new business always brings out a certain dose of fear in people. Whether they will be able to return their intimal investment, and whether people will even give them a shot. Today, so many business owners are competing with one another that starting a new line of work can very often look like bringing sand to the beach.

So, it’s very important to leave a good first impression, and for people to notice you in the first place. If you want to know how to get noticed and have a good initial boost, then the following article will help you out. These are some useful tips to help you get noticed when you are starting your own line of work.

Ride the wave of current trends


If there is a universal trend that everybody is following, then there is a good opportunity for you to use that in your favor. For example Domino’s Pizza had a Twitter campaign that was called “Tweet for pizza” and it’s pretty self-explanatory. You could order pizza by simply tweeting and tagging Domino’s. Basically, you improve the user experience of one platform like Twitter by giving people the option to use your services while they are scrolling through their feed. Also many stores allow buyers to make an order in Facebook chat.

The latest trend, as you probably all know, is Pokemon GO, and the number of users is immensely high. So, if there is a poke stop near your store, you can organize a Pokemon lure party, which is a great way to ensure visitors swarm around your store. If there is no poke stop near your store, you can organize a customer incentive using Pokemon GO; for example, whoever catches the rarest pokemon or whoever catches the most pokemon in a certain time frame can get a discount.

Lastly, if you are close to the gym, you can offer a discount to current gym champions, which also means people will come to your store frequently.

Make your site more visible

The second thing you can do is make a website or an online store. You can to make your content more visible at the very beginning. First, you need to know just how to add your website to Google search and how search engine optimization works. If you are not up to date, then do not try to rank for a particular keyword or keyword phrase by flooding the text with it. You still need them though, just do not focus on their density, focus on how to implement them within a text along with other topic-relevant words.

The best way to do this is to have a blog section where you can write on various niche related topics, and easily rank for all the keywords and keyword phrases you want. However, make sure you are using robot.txt properly and make sure your pages are crawlable, so that you can be indexed and thereby added to the search base.

Also remember to put engaging content on your site. Don’t focus solely on texts, but create videos and infographics, something that users can skim through and also pay attention to, because you need good conversion in order to rank positively. If users just land on your site and leave immediately, that’s basically a negative click through rate and you definitely want to avoid that.

Follow your audience

Finally, if you want your audience to know that you exist, you need to follow them and visit the same sites or channels as they do. There are a lot of influencers for any niche and people who are interested in what you are selling are probably watching or reading the content created by the influencers. So, if you want to be noticed by your target audience, you need to reach out to those influencers and negotiate the terms to get mentioned.

Some of them might do it for free, others want to earn money, but regardless, you’ll still need quality content, because no one wants to give their audience something that won’t impress them. Basically, you need to be loud, but you’ll also need quality content to back up your claims.

This roughly covers it. These are the most efficient ways to draw attention to your brand and your store. It gives you an opportunity to be discovered by many people and for them to give you a chance, so make sure you do not disappoint them, because you can potentially lose some really loyal customers.

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