At Work

Ways to Rest and Recuperate with a Busy Schedule

If you’re feeling stressed and worn out, it’s obvious that the most sensible thing to do is to take a little time off, get more sleep, think about something else for a while or any number of the other things that your friends recommend over and over. The problem is that this is usually easier said than done if your day is jam-packed with work, childcare, chores, errands and other responsibilities. In this article, we look at ways to sneak a little R&R into your day without disrupting your schedule.


If you get any time for relaxation at all, you might spend it watching TV, playing games, going to the gym or doing something else that requires thought and focus. How about trying meditation, whether as a part of your lunch break at work or in place of one of the above activities? You don’t need to do it every day, though it will produce the best effects that way. You can still enjoy your usual pastimes, but squeezing in ten minutes of gentle breathing, relaxation and no specific focus can recharge you significantly.

Experiment with Different Hours

The 9-5 shift isn’t for everyone. Some people find themselves more energized and productive in the very early morning, while others don’t get into the swing of things until lunchtime or later. If you try to force yourself to work when you’re finding it hard to concentrate, you’ll be expending a great deal more effort and energy than you would at your more productive hours. If your job allows, try getting up and getting started earlier, or giving yourself a little more time before you begin, and take note of the results. Once you’re a little more in tune with your natural inclinations, work might just feel a little easier and less draining.

Enhance Your Downtime

When you do get a break, try to make the most of it. Try not to pack it with planned activities, but block out at least a little time to just chill out and do nothing. Taking a bath, listening to music or lying in the sun will help your mind and body to settle and unwind a little. You can even order a weed subscription box whereby you’ll receive a superb pack of smoking supplies and accessories every month. With a review of Hemper Box and its value, why not enjoy during suitable periods of downtime?

Book Your Breaks in Advance

If you’re able to, for example, if you’re self-employed or run your own business, why not block out dates in your calendar or diary for a getaway well in the future? These should be treated as immovable appointments. If those dates are far enough away, you’ll have time to work it so that everything can tick over without you for a few days. Make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing, that all your duties will be covered and that you will not be called unless it’s a total emergency.

Make Your Workspace as Relaxing as Possible

If you have some say in the way your office is set out, or if you work from home, why not surround yourself with what makes you feel calm? Consider filling your office with items that soothe all of your senses: plants, photographs, headphones with chilled out music, reed diffusers and even comfortable cushions on your chair can make a difference to your sense of wellbeing. If possible, you should also think about where you work. A warm spot with a nice view is always better than the cold kitchen table.