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What Happens to Your Body When You Go Keto?

Everyone knows that when you go on a ketogenic diet, you will lose weight, but did you know there are several other benefits? With every passing day that you follow the diet and your body begins to go into a ketogenic state, you see changes — and not just changes in your weight. These are changes that many people only dream of achieving. So, if you are not sure what changes to watch for, check out these four body changes to expect when going keto.

More Energy

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As adults, we are often envious of the energy we witness in children. Instead of feeling childlike and full of life, we instead feel sluggish, tired, and fatigued. Sure, a lot of that can do with the stress of being an adult, but much more of that comes from not eating right. When you go ketogenic, you stabilize the sugars in your body and see fewer ups and downs with energy. Your body burns energy at a constant rate, which makes you feel more energetic and less sluggish throughout the day — much more like an energetic child.

Laser Focus

Initially, when you first start a keto diet, you may find that you are distracted and feel a bit foggy. This fogginess is due to your body working overtime to adjust for the lack of carbs. However, once your body adjusts and your reach a ketogenic state, you will find that you are extremely sharp minded and have laser focus. You should see your performance increase as well as your ability to carry out tasks quicker and more precisely. If you are struggling to get over the fatigue hump, you might try using a keto supplement to aid with adjustment and so that you feel the laser focus sooner.

Triglycerides Lower

Most people know that the higher your triglyceride count is, the higher your chances are of having a heart attack or other heart condition. But what many people aren’t aware of is how quickly they can lower those numbers. There is a misconception that it takes years to get to a point where your triglycerides are high and that it will take years to bring them back down. However, with a ketogenic diet, you will see a dramatic decrease in triglycerides in a very short time. This is just another reminder of how good going keto is for you.

Lower Blood Pressure

Along the same lines as watching your triglycerides lower with a ketogenic diet, you will notice your blood pressure dropping, too. As you lose weight and decrease the bad fats in your diet, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. The less your heart has to work, the more regular your blood pressure becomes. And lucky for you, regular blood pressure reduces the risk of many diseases and helps you live a longer and healthier life.

So, if your goal is simply to lose weight with the ketogenic diet, that is awesome. But don’t be surprised when you start seeing these four things happen to your body. Instead, embrace the changes and look forward to a new and healthier you.

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