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What to Know When Switching Your College Major

Congratulations, you have made the tough decision to switch your college major! But while you may be excited, you should also be aware that with this big decision comes big change. Here are a few things to think about now that you have decided to make the switch…

You have some catching up to do
If your school is relatively small, you may have the “first day of school” feelings all over again now that you have switched majors. Think about it: you are entering classes that some students may have been taking together for a couple of years now. While it can be slightly intimidating to be the “new kid,” think about it as an opportunity to meet new people. Strike up conversations with those around you to get some study partners lined up for the class. Let them know you’re new to the major and excited to learn more about it; they may even have some insight to share. And of course, always remember to introduce yourself to your professors as well!

Your academic advisor is a powerful source of support
Your academic advisor may just become your new best friend. Remember that an academic advisor can be your go-to person for advice on your new major and classes, as he or she should be well versed in what’s required of you and what opportunities to look out for. Be a familiar face and build a rapport with your trusted advisor. Feel free to drop in to ask any questions you may have at any point in time — you won’t be sorry!

Challenges may arise…
The reasons you decided to switch college majors are truly unique to you. But at the end of the day, switching majors can definitely be tough. You may have to make many adjustments in order to try and have a smooth transition. From the type of studying you need to do to how you take notes in class, you are looking at an entirely new ball game. A new major means new classes, new professors, and some willingness to get into the groove of things again. So, what does this mean? It means work: hard work at best. You are going to have to fully immerse yourself in your new major in order to be successful. Be calm and try your absolute best. You will get back into the swing of things if you just stick with it. Always keep in the back of your mind the reasons you had for originally switching to this major and it will help to keep you on track.

But it can be fun
Hopefully, one of the main reasons you switched majors is because you truly enjoy this new field of study. This is an exciting time and a new major can be an invigorating experience full of opportunity. Make sure you absorb all of the information and experiences possible during this transition. Take advantage of opportunities to further immerse yourself in your major. For example, become involved in a business fraternity if you are now a business student, join the geology club if you are now pursuing geology, or even pursue an internship in your new field of study to get some hands-on experience. You may be surprised at the amount of opportunity available to you.

You may develop a new way of thinking
A new major means exposure to new topics, problems, theories, and questions. This new major will force you to start expanding your mind and learning about new subjects. This is what school is all about; welcome it with open arms. Be prepared to think differently and take whatever is thrown your way with grace.
Jenny Modlisz is a contributing writer for Varsity Tutors, a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement.

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