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What to wear to your webinar?

This question might be a little awkward (especially if you’re a male presenter), but the truth is that everyone wants to show their best side during a webinar. No wonder that picking the perfect outfit for your presentation might be even more confusing than the speech itself! Even though webinar presenters (usually) aren’t Hollywood actors or fashion models and do not appear on a catwalk or red carpet, but still the way you dress does matter! Follow these simple tips and learn how to dress for your webinar’s success! 

#1 Keep the perfect posture 

Maybe it’s not directly related with your dress style, but slouched shoulders will ruin even the most immaculate outfit! First, decide if you want to give your presentation while standing up or you prefer being seated. According to public speaking rules you should present the content in a standing position. An upright position will definitely create a more professional look – you’ll not only look slimmer, but also sound clearer and more energetic. At the other hand, staying seated is definitely more comfortable, especially if you need to focus on presenting content from your computer (for example you’re sharing your screen). Comfort and individual preferences are the key – so you may skip the official savoir-vivre rules, just remember to avoid rounding your back! 

#2 Go for the right colors 

Hosting a meeting on a webinar platform ( is similar to hosting a show on TV – it’s all about the right lightning and color illusions. Make sure you choose the color of your outfit carefully – avoid bright or contrasting shades such as black, white or red, especially when you’re using professional lightning. These will make you look pale or blushed, underline skin and silhouette imperfections and simply distract the audience from your speech. 

Instead, go for pastel, neutral tones like pale blue, light pink and yellow, which will create a flattering, youthful look. For a more formal, business image choose beiges, delicate greys or dark blues – these colors work perfectly especially on suit jackets, polo shirts or blazers. 

#3 Keep it comfortable

With live webinar software you can easily present yourself in the best possible way – just remember that perfection requires a fair amount of practice. 

While prepping your outfit, don’t get over or underdressed, keep it simple and most important – comfortable. Speaking in front of an audience may already put you at unease, so don’t make this situation even more awkward by wearing something that doesn’t match your style. For example, a sudden swap from jeans and a T-shirt to a suit might cause you a lot of discomfort, that will be also sensed by your audience. 

#4 Know your audience

This point is crucial not only for prepping for your presentation – getting visually synced with your audience is as important. Each industry has a specific dress code – for example dressing up for an IT event requires a less formal style than an outfit for a business meeting. People tend to like things that they already know, so adjusting your style to theirs will make you more reliable and convincing as a speaker. 

And just before you go searching for that perfect pieces of clothing… Take a deep breath and smile, because being relaxed and happy never goes out of fashion! Good luck in running successful (and stylish) webinars!

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