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When Things Get Rough: Is It Time to End Your Relationship?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but the sad truth is that not all of them are made to last. Sometimes, two people are not compatible and that’s that.

Before you do anything rush, you should define to which one of these two groups your relationship belongs to. If there’s no future full of love and compromises for the two of you, then you should put a stop to this torture and end your relationship properly.

However, if you feel that there is something still there, than you might want to consider a different approach. Perhaps you’re just going through a dark period that’s caused by outer influences or a glitch in your communication that needs to be determined and exterminated. So, go through the next several pointers and find out what needs to be done.

Is It Rough for a While?

If this isn’t your first time to be unhappy with your partner and if it seems like this last rough period is taking way too long to end, both of you might have lost the will and enthusiasm to fix things. If you’re feeling this way about your partner, you should think about whether or not you have a desire to stay with them.

I know this is a confusing period for you two, and I’m sure that not all love is lost. However, you should ask yourself if there’s any passion left and is there something that can be done to light it up again.


Have You Tried Everything?

Numerous attempts to make your relationship work again lead to frustration when none of them turn out to be successful, or perhaps they result in creating a moment or two of happiness, which is definitely not enough.

However, if you don’t try your best to save what you have, you’ll most definitely regret it and spend a significant amount of time wondering what could have been different if you worked harder.

Let Professionals Do Their Job

Severe problems with communication often require the involvement of a third party – a couples’ therapist. When you’re constantly angry at your partner and you can’t seem to share two sentences without annoying each other, it can be very challenging to come down, express your feelings by letting them know you’re hurt and try to find a solution to your problem.

Hiring a mediator to equip you with the communication tools necessary to reconnect is a good move here. Also, you should know that being too proud to ask for help in this situation will probably lead to an outcome you won’t like.

Do You Have a Future Together?

Your answer to this question should be able to determine the next action you should take. When your partner and you don’t share the same vision about what your future should look like and you disagree on big things, you should face the fact that both of you deserve to be completely happy by following your dreams, even if they don’t seem to lead you two in the same direction.

On the other hand, if you both see the same picture and you just can’t fit the pieces together right now, there’s no reason to throw the whole puzzle away. Everything will become clearer, you just need to give it time, be persistent and put in your finest effort – great things require a lot of work.


Do What Needs to Be Done

You should start by deciding which one of these two relationships that we’re comparing above you are in. There isn’t one right answer here – it’s OK to be in both of them, but you should determine that as soon as possible, for the sake of both of you. On the other hand, if you have a valuable relationship that can be fixed, you should do everything in your power to make it so.

Emotional problems require some serious introspection and self-evaluation before they can be fixed. One last piece of advice – you should do what is right in this situation, not what is easy. Guide your decisions with this last thought and I’m sure it will work out for you, no matter the outcome.