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Why a Warehouse Can Make for Great Office Space

The first warehouses are believed to have been granaries, used for storing food grains, thousands of years ago. These grains were stored for use during times of famine or food shortage. Their importance rose when European explorers started creating shipping routes with other nations. Expensive commodities brought in from faraway lands were stored in warehouses at that time. The warehouses were mostly located at ports then. Warehouses started to move towards land when railroads started to develop. 

Today, they are so common that you can find such spaces all across America, including warehouses for rent in Houston, say experts at Samuel L. Bryant Investments. Moreover, warehouses are being used for much more than just storing materials. One of the ways in which these spaces are finding use is for offices.  Here are some of the reasons why warehouses can act as amazing office spaces.

  1. Durability

One of the main qualities of warehouses is their durability. They are built for keeping goods safe from the elements. In certain cases, warehouses are also used as evacuation centers during natural disasters. Therefore, when you choose a warehouse for an office, you can be assured that they will last for a long time. They need very little maintenance and can easily survive extreme weather conditions. 

  1. Plenty of Space

One of the most important things when choosing office space is the square footage. After all, you would want your employees to work comfortably for maximum productivity. You also want a space that can be scalable, as your business grows. When picking office space, some of the questions that come to mind are, is it big enough for all the employees, will all the equipment fit into the space, and will there be sufficient space for meetings. When you choose a warehouse, you get plenty of square footage and that too at a much more affordable rate than regular office spaces. 

Plus, the ceilings are also higher than regular buildings. This gives you the opportunity to utilize space vertically as well. This is the reason many of these spaces get transformed into 2 or 3 story buildings. 

  1. Flexibility

When you generally get an office, everything has been pre-determined. But when you choose warehouse space for lease in Houston, you have plenty of room for making changes, according to your needs. You can choose the interiors and the paint color. You can even choose to have a lounge area, brainstorming area, or a common area. These are not generally present in an office. But in a warehouse, you have the freedom to create almost any type of space you want. And you can even change things up from time to time. 

  1. Price

Lastly, choosing a warehouse for an office can be great for your finances as well. That is because the unique construction of warehouse offices makes their price much more affordable than a regular office. This leaves more room for spending on office equipment, such as computers or printers. This is one of the reasons why warehouse offices are becoming particularly popular among start-ups. 

Apart from these, if you are in the manufacturing sector, a warehouse office can double up as space for storage of goods. By having the goods stored in the same place as your office, you can reduce the lead time and make the process a lot more efficient. All of this makes a warehouse office for rent in Houston a great idea.

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