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Why I Write on Feedster ?

Writing is all about representing your thoughts, perceptions and experiences through a communication medium. Since my initial years, I had a natural bent of my mind to writing. I run my own Parenting Blog but never wanted to stick to that particular niche. I, from always had an interest in reading business blogs and articles about A to Z of business, right from the inception of idea for having a business to the expansion of an already established one! While searching out for good reads, I came across It had the true subject matter expertise with a wide range of services and content I was looking for. I came to know that not only can I read here but can write too and the most interesting part was anyone, who has the potential, can write on Feedster. Yes, anyone who can write and need a platform to share your thoughts or information with the world, is the right site to go with!

Earlier it used to be an RSS feed site but now it has a huge directory of contents on a variety of projects that include the publicity of achievements of different kinds and projects by entrepreneurs among the common people. The company values and invites the talented and skilled aspirants for writing blogs and articles for the company to share their experiences about the extraordinary projects or the success journey of the achievers. The website covers several aspects like lifestyle, marketing, SEO, business, moneymaking, medical and several other everyday general issues and the achievements or projects related to these issues by skilled entrepreneurs. However, the company’s main motive is the publicity of the various projects completed by the heroes or the achieving entrepreneurs and to help the reader gain insight and knowledge on the subject.

Feedster very well acknowledges the influence of quality posts and the benefits of the traffic they drive to the site. It accepts the fact that creative posts with sufficient matter and information are bound to attract the online visitors and this is what the greatest benefit a writer can get out of the site. If the posts are influential and deserving, the writer is going to get enough publicity as Feedster is a company that encourages you to fill your bio profile with your personal social media links, etc. It also shares your post in its newsletter and on its social media platforms so as to help you reach as many readers as possible. The site has a great metrics which is ever evolving and the domain that is quite high in nature to get enough follow post on. The writer always has the opportunity to grow his audience here by making use of its SEO benefits and Ranking. It also encourages embedding the links of your other articles within an article which you feel might be helpful and relevant for the reader. Just to take your work to the level best, it even edits your content, if there is a need for!

If you are looking for information here, you can search from its huge database of information though the various featured tags classified into different categories. If you are looking to write, you have all the liberty to share the information in your own creative style. You have the freedom to foster your creativity through the words and images in your post. Just leave your post in the draft format and submit it along with the media image you’d like to get published with the blog. All you need to take care is that for your post, you use an image that is open for common reuse and be active towards the comments or the readers’ thoughts or opinions once your article is published.

Working with has been a pleasure from the start. I just take this opportunity thank both of Will Robins, the owner and Nick, the Managing Editor  from the bottom of my heart to provide me with an opportunity to write on in the capacity of an Author. You both have displayed professionalism and positive attitude all the way from creating an account to finally publishing the post here. I would like to say thanks for your guidance at each level. All this made the working time here more productive and enjoyable for me. After its re-launch, the website has emerged into a massive platform to share your information with the world and I wish all the very best in its future endeavours.