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Why Is Video Conferencing Important For Your Business?

The modern workplace is a place where you’ll look to break down barriers using creative and innovative ideas that are forward-thinking and progressive, which seems a far cry from the structured and regimented days of yesteryear. In the modern-day, it’s all about collaboration and teamwork. Whether that be smaller teams or on a companywide scale, the emphasis seems to be entirely on working together, so it’s important to not only encourage collaborative work but to also create the ideal environments for working together, whether that’s in person or remotely. Find out how you can use video conferencing in your business and the different video conferencing options that are available by reading on below.


One of the most well-known and highly regarded video collaboration setups globally, Cisco is a trusted favourite across every industry. The idea of Cisco is to combine physical and digital meeting rooms in one streamlined platform, with a range of devices available to make the entire process a more enjoyable and effective one. You’ll find everything from whiteboard solutions to full meeting room setups, so however you’re looking to collaborate, Cisco can be tailored to help you work in a way that suits you. By bringing all of the familiar Webex platforms such as Webex Devices, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams together, you’ll get an all in one video conferencing service that can be used in any collaborative situation.


If you’re looking for a big emphasis on visual presentation, Oblong is a fantastic platform to operate from – it gives your presentations a big-screen feel that’s incredibly immersive and heightens your business intelligence. With the Mezzanine system, you’ll be able to seamlessly combine your distributed workforce in one shared space to deepen engagement and enhance productivity. 

Oblong is perfect for those who are looking for a more analytical and data-focused arrangement, with a combination of analytics and collaboration capabilities allowing your entire team to be a part of your project. Mezzanine spans across multiple screens, which makes it incredibly easy for your team to get involved, which engages a wider group for a more collaborative working experience. Choose from the multi-wall Mezzanine 600 platform or the cross-device Mezzanine 300 system to start collaborating and sharing your data through video conferencing.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Start a meeting with just a click with Microsoft Teams Rooms video conferencing technology, which helps you to create an immersive video-enabled environment in any meeting space. You’ll get HD video and audio that’s crisp and clear, helping you to collaborate with colleagues across the globe with ease. The intuitive touch screen systems allow you to make calls, share content, and integrate Skype for Business into the way that you work from one simple medium, so you’ll be able to work together in a way that’s easier than ever. What stands out with Microsoft Teams Rooms video conferencing and collaboration is the versatility that it presents, with the ability to utilise it across many certified devices to suit the way that you and your business are looking to work.

Surface Hub 2

The last option is perhaps the most potent and certainly the newest option on the market -the Surface Hub 2 by Microsoft. Simply put, this device has everything. It has power, versatility, functionality, and accessibility – it ticks every box in terms of not just video conferencing, but digital collaboration as a whole. The ways that you can use the new Surface Hub are limitless – the seamless 55-inch screen displays any content to it’s fullest, whilst the reimagined microphone makes it easy for everyone in the meeting to have their voice heard. What’s more is that the Surface Hub 2 can be taken with you, allowing you to have immersive and productive meetings on the go with a wheel stand and wireless battery available for use with the device. 

On top of this, you’ll find all of the integrated platforms you’d expect from a Microsoft device, including office 365 and a whole host of 3rd party apps that you’ll use daily. This cuts out the need for you having to adjust and learn a new way of working, so you can dive in straight away.

With these different mediums in which to bring video conferencing into your business, there’s no excuse for being stuck in the past, so be sure to capitalise on the opportunity and step into the future with workplace collaboration!

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