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Why It’s Important to Build Team Spirit Within the Company

If you’re a part of a team in your professional life, then you’ve probably already taken part in some team building activities. Why is it so important, you may wonder?

Why does your boss care if you and your co-workers like each other? Well, if there’s a fellow liking, then there’s a good mood, high morale, and mutual support.

And with all that you are more likely to get attached to your organization, care about its fate and goals, which makes you motivated – simple as that, but not so simple to achieve.

There are team-building workshops, events or holidays, companies like TeeJunction offer customized items that can make everybody feel like a part of a team.

And you can find tons of ideas on how to build team spirit on a daily basis (Secret Santa, Pizza Fridays, celebrating birthdays and other big occasions, etc.)

Not everyone was born to work in a team, but it’s a skill possible to develop and hone with time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boss, a manager or a regular worker – team spirit is important and here’s why:

1.   It builds trust

Trust needs to be earned – you may quite like someone but still not be able to confide or ask for help. It’s not healthy nor is it good for a company when employees are guarded and withdrawn.

Luckily, there are special events and activities that can help people get to know each other a little better, therefore trust each other as well.

It will certainly increase productivity, as they will be able to brainstorm ideas comfortably, help each other in case of obstacles and support through difficult tasks.

2.  It boosts team performance

It’s hard to work directly together if people don’t know each other very well and don’t know what to expect; most of them would be afraid to speak up, join discussions or engage in any way.

Through team-building activities, a team can learn to work together. It will help them understand each other a little better and be able to tell what’s expected from them, what to expect, demand and how they can contribute.

When people know theirs and others’ strengths and weaknesses, they are able to adjust accordingly, share responsibilities and perform better as a team.

3.  It helps to solve problems and conflicts

It’s natural to have conflicts arising and problems appearing when there are at least several people involved in a project. You may love someone with all your heart and they will still drive you insane from time to time.

So it does’nt conflict per se that we should worry about, but the way people handle them.

As it was mentioned before, good team spirit may help them trust and understand each other better, which will prove extremely helpful during moments of tension.

4. It helps reveal hidden talents

It’s natural – the more comfortable we feel, the more we are eager to reveal and show what we hide. A lot of people wouldn’t like to stand out and give more than what’s expected of them.

That’s how true talents may get lost; workers need a little encouragement and a safe environment to truly shine.

If they feel good with each other, they will be more likely to lose their guards, show what they really got and allow others (boss and managers included) to know them a little better.

That’s how their full potential can be found and used, for the sake of both a company and their own.

5.  It improves communication

This should be the foundation of every team, every community, every organization. Without proper communication, there’s no teamwork, no team spirit, no achieving goals nor changing the world.

Even if people are comfortable around their direct coworkers, it may not be the case when it comes to different departments or managers which can pose threats to some bigger, broader goals.

When they get more comfortable communicating with everyone around them, they will feel safe and supported which is essential, especially while facing new challenges or obstacles.

6. It boosts creativity

When people start to feel at ease and they forget about some boundaries, they also let their imagination free. That’s how the best ideas are being born.

Every organization needs its employees to collaborate and get creative. It can be encouraged by assigning different tasks, pairing people up, creating group projects and having brainstorming meetings, but it can all work only if employees like and trust each other.

As you can see, it’s all about trust. It’s not possible to have a healthy environment and productive, motivated workers without them trusting and liking each other.

People spend a huge part of their lives at work – it’s essential that they feel comfortable, supported and appreciated there. And they need to feel that from all sides – both from their coworkers and supervisors.

It also applies to the managers; they may be working separately on a daily basis, but they need to know how they can get involved.