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Why Safety Should Be Every Company's Top Priority

No matter what industry you’re in, security should be a top priority. Preventable security risks can set an unproductive tone in the workplace, making it more difficult for your workforce to stay focused and upbeat. Clear weaknesses in your safety and security profile can also have an undesirable effect on your insurance premiums – even if you feel the rates you pay are set in stone, an insurance adjuster might think otherwise, especially if your company’s security profile has changed since you bought your policy.

There are a lot of modern and sophisticated security products and technologies on the market. These perform a vast array of functions, but they are expensive to own and maintain, and they are prone to malfunction. There is, however, an inexpensive, long-lasting, and reliable solution: ID Cards. While many companies in Canada are turning to high tech security applications, ID Cards remain a viable go-to solution for organizations that want to secure their property and people in a way that’s both affordable and reliable. All you require to shore up your defenses against theft is a Polaroid ID card printer for your company and an understanding of how to properly use it.

Improved Security

ID Cards protect your company by offering a whole range of security benefits. Organizations that employ more than 150 people can’t count on employees recognizing each other, and this is especially true when satellite and remote locations are a factor. ID Cards offer a more robust ability to enforce secure locations, equipment, resources, and actions that require special authorization.

Better Accountability

Identification cards enable an organization to utilize magnetic passcodes for access to computer terminals, restricted areas, and to apply an identity stamp when performing restricted access duties. ID Cards with this feature can serve as a way for employees to quickly and securely create a record of important tasks, maintain chain of custody records, and be held accountable for their activities.

Improved Customer Relations

Businesses that offer services to the public need an easy, reliable, and quick way to ensure the customer that they are who they say they are. ID Cards help to inspire trust in the customer and accountability in your remote service employees. When customers need to let your workers into their home in order to receive service, for instance, having the ability to present identification is important. Your customers want to know that your remote service employee is a representative of a trustworthy entity. Having a company ID also helps to keep your workers safe in the field since they can show that they are a representative of a larger organization and not an impersonator.


ID Cards protect your company by providing a low-tech solution that never runs out of batteries, does not suffer from electrical outages, or when your Wi-Fi is down. As we all know, the harsh winter conditions in Canada can be hard on high tech systems, but ID cards are impervious to the weather.

By supplying your staff with ID Cards, you provide security, confidence, and better productivity both on-site and in the field.

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