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Winning Back Customers: 5 Most Effective Ways

Whether the seller is to blame or the buyer, a customer lost is revenue squandered. Shopping is no longer a hassle; gone are the days of direct customer interaction. In the world of e-commerce, e-mail is the biggest mode of communication and it is important that you make the most of it. Realizing “why” a customer left is key, and you will probably get hold of the right reasons, but we will answer “how” to overcome this. Here are the five most effective ways to retain customers.

Subject impact

Subject of the e-mail is what customers see and decide whether to invest valuable time and read. Having a short and powerful subject line can easily reconnect a customer without them questioning the content inside. Taglines such as “we miss you!” or “come back soon!” can work wonders to retain customers – this is a way of showing you care for your customers and their absence is being felt. People stop using online shops for several reasons but a bit of care and kindness can win anyone back. Many sites use tools to monitor whether a customer is only browsing the site or are detached for some reason. This helps to strategize mailing.

Get back offers

Winning customers back through several offers is nothing a new. Almost all of us have seen how companies offer crazy discounts on products just to get old breeze blowing over their skin or even attract new. You can promote your products by offering discount codes on sites like Piucodicisconto and Retailmenot and even reach new customers. The marketable content must be very appealing to customers, yet simple enough for customers to comprehend. Adding pictures to offers is an excellent enhancement.

Guiding customers to their need

A long-lost customer will only come back if your company offers something better than before. Therefore, your company has to constantly maintain email communication with your customers to let them know about the new and hip products you host on your website. Do note that these mails should advise customers to buy new products based on their previous purchases. Help your customers out with “how to use the site” emails or educational mail which details the benefits of a product to a customer can also work wonders.

Expressing your existence

This is more of the first phase of showing your desperation to retain customers as you try and seek attention through various ways. One can ask customers to fill in surveys, just a way of letting know your updates indirectly through survey questionnaires. Other ways would probably be asking customers to integrate their social media with your site. The second option sounds more effective as it actually promises to make the lives of your customers easy, assuming almost everyone visits any social media at least once a day.

Last resort

All suggestions above mostly involve customers buy products and services or makes browsing easier for the customers. When nothing else works, companies could ask for re-permission to keep customers sending e-mails or asking them to update e-mail preferences.  Last ditch, why? It’s good if customer asks for future updates but if not, then it is a clear rejection.

No matter what path a company chooses, it should waste a customers’ time. Asking for one customer to get back should not lead to losing several others due to bad reputation of annoying your customers. Send an e-mail that is short, easy to get, appealing and beneficial for the customer is quite the main mantra to regaining customers through e-mail. Simple, no?

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