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Work With Your PDF Files at Zero Cost With PDF Bear

PDFBear is a web-based tool that is readily available to edit your PDF files online and is accessible to you, cost-free. PDFBear offers you several selections to cater to your individual needs. It is easy to use and get used to. Its user-friendly platform allows you and your friends to familiarize the web-based tool quickly. For whatever purpose you may need it, PDFBear is the ultimate online tool that you would want to keep readily available at your fingertips.

So What Can PDFBear Help You Achieve? 

There are a lot of ways and things you can do with the platform. As mentioned, converting documents has never been easier and accessible. One task that this tool offers is the rotation of your files to achieve a much clearer view. If you wish to adjust your file’s angle, PDFBear has a rotate option, which can quickly let you have your desired angle. Thus, this is especially helpful when your files require a particular position to be readable and presentable. Now, you can adjust your files’ angles with a click of the mouse. Let your PDF rotate accordingly with this tool. 

Here is a guide on some of PDFBear’s features that you want to know.

PDF Split

Isn’t it convenient when you can merge and split your files using a single online tool? Well, PDFBear can offer you such luxury. Given this option, you can choose whether to separate your file into individual pages or if you wish to extract specific pages from your file.

PDF Merge

Do you have a set of individual PDF pages you would like to organize and arrange into a single PDF file? PDFBear is here to aid you in fulfilling that task. Or you may have a file that you recently had to separate from the original in order to make a few edits and gradually want to put back the edited file together with the original. PDFBear will work its magic to give you what you are looking for.

PDF Convert To Word

With PDFBear, you can convert your files into a different format which you find preferable and suitable for your file. To make edits to your current PDF file, such as forms, you can use PDFBear to convert them to Word and make the adjustments you need.

PDF Convert To PPT

Do you want to make your PDF file more interesting? Use PDFBear to convert your PDFs into PPT and add animations and transitions for each slide, allowing your files to provide information to those who can access it and enable them to enjoy while reading it.

PDF Convert To Excel

If you wish to correct your files, such as balance sheets, you can use PDFBear to convert your file into an excel one. This way, it would be easier for you to redo your balance sheet and make the necessary changes.

PDF Convert To JPG

If you wish to make your files more presentable and hinder it from being edited, you can use PDFBear to convert your files into JPG files. This way, your documents look more appealing and assure you it will remain untouched by accidental edits and such.

PDF Compress

It so happens that the file size acceptable for a certain platform for you to send them has a limit, and your file or files went over the size limit. Don’t lose hope; PDFBear can help you with that dilemma. PDFBear has a compressed feature that allows you to reduce your file’s size and send the necessary files you need to send.

PDF Lock & Unlock

Suppose you are looking to protect your files from unwanted access by random people. In that case, PDFBear is here to guide you in adding encryption to your files, limiting the number of the person who can open your files, which mostly contains vital information.

You can also use PDFBear to unlock password-protected files. In case you have forgotten the secret password to your files or the sender of a password-protected file forgot to include it, PDFBear can save you from panicking. However, heavily password-protected files require more professional help.

Convert Your Files To PDF

Of course, if you can convert your PDF files to a different format, you can turn those formatted files into PDFs. Hence, it is convenient to convert your files to PDF and also vice versa.

Free PDF Editor Online

Aside from the several features that PDFBear offers, it is also free to use. There is no need to pay an amount of money to gain access to this web-based tool. All that you ever need is a stable connection to the internet and a device that can give you access to a web browser. 

Furthermore, there is no need to provide an email address unless you wish to subscribe and avail of the additional features that Pro account members enjoy.

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