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With Covid-19  recently destroying the job market and various political squabbles ensuing, there have been a variety of different activities that have found themselves harder to develop or work through in these times. One such is looking for a job. Many companies were required to lay off a large amount of their workforce to stay afloat as products, production, services, and goods decreased due to the epidemic. On the other hand, some companies such as online shopping, entertainment, and shipping companies began to grow exceedingly quickly as orders began to pile in and people started ordering more and more from their homes. This case is one scenario in which it would be good to work with a US temp agency to find work. Many of these shipping companies were hiring part time temporary workers in order to get their work done and mandated. So, here are a short list of jobs found through temp agencies that have been looking for and continue to look for a larger work force during these times. Contact a temp agency to take the first steps to help you find employment in these trying times.

1.      Amazon delivery. 

Because of the increase of sales from their site alone. Amazon has been looking for part time to full time drivers that would be willing to help them fulfill the large amount of orders that seem to be piling up. It’s seemingly straight forward. All you need is a drivers license and you can get started on the process of becoming one of Amazon’s newest employees.

2.      Packing specialist. 

Although there are a lot of different companies that are looking for help in this field, the main shipping companies are always looking for more help to keep up with orders. One of the benefits of this job is the constant routine. It’s easy for you to plug in headphones, go into your own world, and pack orders. Pretty simple.

3.      Night workers. 

A lot of the shipping companies that are trying to get orders done have found themselves so behind that they’re recruiting workers to work night shifts. This ranges from packing to processing to delivering. If you’re able to work nights, there will be a spot open for you in whatever field you’re looking for.

4.      Processing and orders. 

Some people thrive on human contact and enjoy talking to customers. Orders need to be placed online and many companies prefer for these orders to be made by one of their own employees to prevent false orders from being made and wrong products to be shipped. Customers will call you, you’ll place the order for them, and ensure that all of the paperwork is done, from there, it’s processed and shipped.

5.      Help Centers. 

If you find yourself able to work a call center job and enjoy talking to people, this job could be perfect for you. Your purpose is to solve problems. Call center jobs have a bad reputation of dealing with hard customers, but for the most part, these people are looking for help in finding a product that they’d like to purchase. You can then direct them to whatever they’re looking for and leave a happy customer on the other line before continuing on to help the next.

6.      Construction worker. 

Because of the sudden stop of traffic and presence in some workplaces, they’ve chosen this as an opportune time to either refurbish, renovate, or rebuild their place of work for whenever they decide to come back. This being said, many construction companies have a large backlog of work in this area and are looking for a larger work force in order to accomplish their contracts before they lose interest. If you have a skillset in manual labor and would like to work with your hands, staffing agencies are able to help you find work in those fields and help those construction companies keep up with their mandates.

7.      Traffic counting. 

Haven’t heard of this? I hadn’t either! Cities are interested in the flow of traffic and knowing how often someone uses an intersection and how backed up their highways are becoming. To be able to know which streets they need to widen and where to put another exit, they need to know which streets are most commonly used and where the flow of traffic is becoming bottle necked. Traffic counting consists of about a 2 hour period of counting cars as they pass through an intersection or a designated piece of highway or road. You’ll count where the cars turn, how many there are, and the line of cars that need to wait at a red light. Pretty simple, but very crucial.

8.      Sales reps. 

As sales of different industries have decreased, they’ve begun to take a more proactive approach instead of a more relaxed approach. Instead of waiting for customers to find them, they’ve begun to hire sales representatives to seek out potential clients or customers and bring the product to them. These jobs are usually based on commission, so it’s high risk and high reward. However, you can do a good job, it has a very high potential to be an incredibly well-paying job.

9.      Internet specialists. 

With everyone spending so much time at home now, they’ve begun to realize that their Wi-Fi and internet is not where they’d like to have it. Because of this, internet plans and products have increased dramatically in sales. Sometimes this requires new hardware that needs to be installed, but sometimes it’s as simple as a telephone representative that amps up their signal in order to provide them better connectivity. Regardless, there are jobs on both sides that are ready and available for you.Hopefully this short list has helped you to see the influx of potential jobs that have come from an unfortunate circumstance. If you’re looking for work, it would be beneficial to reach out to a temporary staffing agency and let them find you something that works for you.

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