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You Won’t Need To Pay Wages To Get These Jobs Done In The Future

Technology has its quite unique way of surprising us every now and then. What seemed to us a distant dream is on the verge of fast becoming a reality we could use and take benefit of. Who would’ve imagined a decade ago that commercial space flight would be a viable reality envisioning settling us on Mars or that we would be downloading millions of apps for each and every imaginable and unimaginable task we do daily. While we have always lived on the fringes of constant fear that technological innovations would gobble up jobs and leave a huge gaping hole amidst the employed and unemployed, the world economy has been unbelievably flexible in settling the workers, who lost their jobs in one field due to an industry shift towards  automation, onto another field seamlessly. The upcoming times makes up for some interesting insights into a lot of jobs that would be fully or partially automated as soon as the technology to outpace human effort in these arenas in ready to roll. Here are some of the jobs that would not require wages to get done in the near future:

Farming & Agriculture:

Technology has already pervaded this field and the trend is yet to settle down in the years to come. As it has been proved time and again, that technology outstrips humans as farmers in the sheer number of agricultural output produced at a much more efficient cost. With genetically engineered seeds at the helm of the revolution in agriculture, far lesser human intervention would be required in the future to work and toil hard on the fields in the blaring sun. This would also probably mean more mass migration from rural to urban areas but to cater to a bludgeoning world population, this one might be worth the kill.

The Truckers:

A few years ago, a truck hauling down the road without a driver in the seat would have been a frightening scenario to any onlooker but that could be something completely normal and a lot more safer in the future due to the introduction of autonomous vehicle technology which would allow trucks to operate without drivers at their helm handling the controls. Trucking could be revolutionized through this scenario by lowering down costs and increasing efficiency as these trucks won’t need to stop down so that the driver could take a nap. A dump truck carrying a payload to the construction site where a house is being built through 3D technology or a garbage truck roaming around your neighborhood pre programmed to run their due course would be something amazing to see as a testimony to the ingenuity of human effort.

Faster Fast Food:

Fast food is one of those eating options where you don’t want to know the quality or experience of the chef making it. As automated robots continue to become more and more advanced, the time where fast food would be made through automated technology with built in recipe codes and arms which would carry all sorts of materials needed for the fast food, is fast gaining on us. Self service was one of the greater concepts in consumer retail and now things have gone a little further making the kitchen also devoid of human intervention as we would witness a decrease in jobs for low skill chefs. This would have direct effect on cost as it would be lowered down and the food could become more consistent. You wouldn’t have to remind the operator that there was too much salt in your meal the last time as this would never arise again.

Fully automated manufacturing:

For a pretty long period of time, automation in manufacturing was frowned upon as people were concerned about the massive loss of jobs, whether robots and machines could match or better the costs incurred by humans and the competence of the robots which are going to replace humans. We are entering a new age now, where even the Chinese manufacturers, who were long known to rely on cheap Chinese labor, are now looking forward towards automation in their plans amidst recent Asian wage rise. This would mean faster production in a much more efficient manner than was possible with human efforts. But there could be far more consequences of automation in this field than others as the people are low income and massive in numbers but this kind of a scenario has happened before as well but the market economy has the knack of absorbing unemployed people into itself. Lets see how this one turns out pretty soon.

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