Baby Boomers Are Making Better Life Choices with Help From Las Vegas Couple

When David and Alice Goldstein sold their online education business in 2013 they looked forward to relaxing and enjoying an early retirement. They were excited about spending more time with family, having more time to take longer trips, and the freedom to serve as volunteers for various non-profits. They also had a passion for encouraging […]


Eating for Enjoyment: Elderly Care Home Food Management Systems

Tastes in leisure can come and go, but one pleasure source frequently remains constant: meals. Aside from deriving pleasure from the food itself, people enjoy the social aspects and overall experience of eating. Nursing homes want to make sure that every resident has enjoyable experiences, so nursing home food services are trending towards more efficient […]

At Work

Cafeterias in the New Normal

Cafeterias have become the hub of business in today’s workplace. The corporate world now recognizes the need to incorporate cafeterias into work tools as part of the restructuring of the workplace to meet the demands of social distancing. Cafeterias are now ideal for meetings and events. This new idea embraces utilizing the cafeteria to maintain […]