Best Business Strategies to Live By

Shalom Lamm, the real estate mogul and CEO of Operation Benjamin has always conducted his business by a number of ethical business strategies. Lamm, like many top-notch businessmen, finds that without business strategies and business ethics to guide them, a businessman or businesswoman is liable to go off course.  #1.  Don’t Try to Bypass the […]

John Ritenour IOA Co-Founder

John Ritenour On A Forward-Thinking Approach to Remote Work

The world was deeply impacted by the global pandemic, and businesses have felt the changes greatly. One major change that happened suddenly was that if a company wanted to stay in business, it had to be able to shift much of its workforce from on-site to remote work. Generally, a transition like this takes months […]


Best Summer Colors to Wear

According to the former arbitrage trader and current health and wellness expert Helen Schifter, it’s important for our well beings to feel excited about our wardrobes and adding some new colors to it during the changing seasons. Schifter loves adding new colors to her wardrobe especially for the summer months. Here are some of her […]


How to Set Goals

Let us start with a powerful quote from Tony Robbins, one of the most influential business coaches and philanthropists of this age. “Setting goals is the first step of making the invisible visible.” With that said, we have to point out that we live in a very competitive world. Consequently, some of the most popular […]

How To Make A Website Sales And Marketing Sales Tips Website

How To Create The Best E-Commerce Site

Building an e-commerce website is a challenging process. Aside from the technical issues, the really important challenges are more related to customer expectations.  There are quite a few details that need to be understood when building e-commerce sites because it is a complex project consisting of many regular image sites. Many businesses now understand the […]