Law And Order

Ben Skinner, Victoria based Lawyer, review of the CERP

COVID-19: Australian Federal Government introduces Coronavirus Economic Response Package As the world grapples with the global economic and health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Federal Government recently introduced a temporary set of regulations in the form of the Coronavirus Economic Response Package. The aim of the Package is to quickly absorb […]


8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Plan for the COVID-Led Future

The coronavirus pandemic has changed consumer behavior, perhaps permanently. That’s just as true for entrepreneurs as it is their customers.  To survive, businesses have to adapt. Some may need new processes, while others will have to overhaul their business model altogether.  Why not start thinking about COVID-19’s consequences now? Here are eight ways to stay […]

Sales And Marketing

5 Mind-Boggling Facts About The First & Only Female-Led Sales Training & Recruiting Agency

Bella Verita is a versatile entrepreneur and a prolific sales strategist. She is the founder of Align Sales Agency, the #1 female-led sales training and recruiting agency in the country. Bella decided to prioritize recruiting women because of the glaringly clear gender employment gap. Bella has been in sales since she was eight years old. […]