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Business Cybersecurity

If Your Business Network Keeps Going Down, It May Be Time To Consult Managed Services

In today’s modern economy, businesses rely on their IT networks more than ever before. But with that reliance comes big risks.  Recent data from a variety of sources highlight the growing costs of network downtime. In 2019, for example, Facebook estimated that the 14-hour outage it suffered on March 13th cost the firm more than […]


SEO best practices for 2020 and beyond

SEO is the secret advantage that any serious business employs to get ahead of its competition. There’s extensive research done on the importance and power of using correct SEO strategies. Among these, some yield better results than others, so we’ve done the hard work for you, extracted and list the best 8 professional SEO tips […]


A History: What’s in a ZIP File?

One of the most widely used archive formats in existence is the ZIP file. Used to archive a variety of file formats, it allows users to compress collections of files or file folders for easy downloading and uploading. For those less technical, they’re like data balloons, allowing users to “deflate” data to make it easier […]

Small Business Advice

Starting Your Own Business: Tips That Will Help Increase The Odds Of Success

Starting your own business is an accomplishment but this is no way guarantees success. Even businesses that are successful starting out can start to fail over time due to a variety of factors. Businesses that have owners that are proactive are in a great position as problems tend to compound rather than solve themselves. The […]