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Paying too much for your printer ink? – Here’s what you need and where to buy it

As a business owner, I soon came face to face with high printer ink prices.  The people in my team needed to print things out, and my company was forever ordering ink cartridges. While printing was a business necessity, it was expensive. I was paying thousands of dollars per month just for ink.  Surely, there […]

Small Business Marketing

Online Marketing for Medical Clinics 101

Technological advancement develops in step with the healthcare industry. The evolution of medicine depends on technology to deliver new treatment strategies, improved machines, and facilities. Technological development opens new marketing doors for clinics, as well.  Online marketing attracts clients to every business. Clinics, private or state-sponsored, rely more and more on the cyber advertisement to […]

Letter with copyright infringement notice on a desk. Difference between copyright infringement and plagarism
Law And Order

Differences Between Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism

Whether it’s a high school English class or college coursework, education on this ever-prevalent issue tends to lump both copyright infringement and plagiarism into the same boat. While that isn’t incorrect, it doesn’t shed enough light on the issue to help individuals make the essential differentiation between the two.  So, what is the difference between […]