Small Business

A Guide for Small Business Workplace Accidents in Ireland

While workplace accidents have a reputation for happening at large work sites like construction, the reality is that accidents can happen at a business of any size. Even if you’re a small company, it’s important to take precautions that protect against mishaps. Make sure that you are following and adhering to regulations. Workplace accidents can’t […]

Human Resources

Employee Engagement Should Be the Goal of Every Entrepreneur

With a pandemic sweeping across the globe, the landscape of doing business has changed dramatically. For entrepreneurs alike, this has come with many challenges. To start with, how can your business survive these challenging times? If you are a service company, you will probably have employees who are working from home. Are there any things […]


Global Outlook and Forecast: The Gaming Market in the Next Years

The Global Gambling Market is growing and is expected to surpass revenues of $525 billion by 2023. As online gaming and betting spreads across North America and Europe, the demand is increasing rapidly. The increase in online gambling available through mobile devices is extending the demand to many users around the world, driven by an […]