Elvira Gavrilova at her office

Elvira Gavrilova: Digital Marketing As A Rocket Site For Launching Your Business

If you succeed in business, it means you use marketing. This is a general truth because without a savvy marketing strategy even the most qualitative innovative product doesn’t stand a chance. And marketing, just like the world around us, keeps evolving. To level your business up, you have to respond quickly and instrumentally to whatever […]


The Use of a Brand Monitoring Guide for Social Media Crisis, Brand Image, and Damage Control

Did you accidentally post an ad with the wrong caption? Or you forgot to mention the correct date for your product launch? These can be insignificant errors and rectified easily unless you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a sea of negative comments and publicity which threatens to destroy your brand image and break your customer’s […]

Sales And Marketing

How to Increase the Leads for Your Wildlife or Pest Control Business

Looking to increase leads for your wildlife or pest control business? If so, you’re not alone. Attracting prospects and hopefully turning them into customers has been an age-old challenge. According to statistics, generating leads is the most challenging task facing over 60% of marketers. In today’s technologically-driven world, the solution to lead generation lies in […]


5 Key Advantages Of Business Process Automation You Should Know About

Just hearing the word “automation” may spark images of robots replacing human workers in your mind, as manual operations are replaced with robotics and automated processes. While it’s true that technology is reshaping the way we work, it shouldn’t eliminate employment at all. Instead, automation is offering significant advantages for businesses of different sizes. The […]