How Will Your Company Benefit From Migrating to the Cloud?

To dominate the market, companies need to deliver a seamless user experience, enable efficient operation of software solutions, provide scalable data storage, and simplify infrastructure maintenance. Optimizing expenses is also important, especially during an economic crisis.  By moving to the cloud, it is possible to address various challenges, for instance, reduce IT costs, improve product […]


How to Get Started Using Bitcoin

You’ve probably already heard about digital currencies and how they are disrupting the traditional way people transact. You’ve also probably heard about Bitcoin— the world’s most popular digital currency. And like most people, you may be wondering why this cryptocurrency suddenly becomes a hot topic whenever its value rises or drops. While it can be […]

Human Resources

How to Help Your Remote Team Members Manage (and Track) Their Time Effectively

Remote work is quickly becoming the norm all across America, but many managers are struggling with establishing remote teams that can manage and track their time effectively. It’s tough to lead from afar, but there are multiple strategies you can employ right away to help your remote team members maximize their productivity and make the […]