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Does Employee Monitoring Kill Privacy?

As employee monitoring has become more and more commonplace, it has become an increasingly contentious issue. The main objection that people have to it is that it intrudes on the privacy of employees. The reason why employees may be concerned is easy to see. Modern-day employee monitoring software is able to track virtually everything, including […]

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Choosing a Lifting Machine

When it comes time to look for a lifting machine for your warehouse, you must carefully choose its features. Usually, 3 key factors are taken into account: Proper functionality Operator & Freight Security Cost of acquisition and maintenance In this article, we gather useful information and tips for choosing the right lifting machine. 1. Legislation […]


What are the BI solutions?

We’ve all heard about Artificial Intelligence as well as the machine learning applications and the ways they can benefit companies. Business Intelligence is not as widely discussed but definitely should be. BI solutions are more accessible and easy to manage by amateurs in data science than AI applications. But what exactly Business Intelligence tools can […]