How online marketing differs for B2B and B2C

Whether selling to consumers or other businesses, the emphasis for a strong marketing campaign should be on building strong customer relationships. However, strategies for B2C (business to consumer) online marketing are often different from those of B2B (business to business). The needs of your target audience When trying to sell your goods or services to […]

Health and Wellness

Covid- 19 Stress: How CBD Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Since January 21, 2020, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has registered an unprecedented number of coronavirus infections and deaths across the U.S., leading to the nationwide shutdown. Naturally, this has contributed to the high levels of anxiety within the population. With millions of people still unable to move freely or go […]

At Work

Is the Truck Driver Shortage a Myth?

Is the trucking industry threatened by a shortage of drivers? This has been the narrative for decades, and it’s backed up by hundreds of headlines. But is this really the case or are trucking companies dealing with overcapacity and retention issues? When we look at the turnover rates for just the past few years, we […]

Business Tech And Gadgets Technology

Beginner’s Guide to Conference Calls

One of the best ways for employees to communicate with each other is through personal interactions. Unfortunately, time spent in meetings is time that’s not used to generate revenue or create new business ideas. It’s not necessarily the time spent during the meeting that creates inefficiency. It is the time employees spend organizing, traveling to, […]


6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a VPN

There’s a lot of talk about VPNs these days, and both businesses and individuals are increasingly using them. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the cybersecurity threats that keep rising in number. But many businesses, especially smaller ones, still don’t quite understand all the ways a VPN can help them. If you’re thinking about […]

House and Home

Changes to UK Building Regulations in 2020

This year, changes are coming to the UK’s buildings regulations. Adjustments are being made to Part L and Part F of the regulations in England. It means that plumbers, developers and builders will need to follow the new guidelines when constructing new buildings. So, what are the new changes being introduced and what impact are […]