Event Operations CEO, Laura Hammarstrom, Shares 9 Things She Wish She Had Known Starting Out in the Event Industry

With an amazing marketing, communications, and events career at a large corporation, Laura Hammarstrom knew she could stay there forever. Hammarstrom was fortunate to be on the fast track working on global special projects, yet she kept asking herself what she really wanted out of her career and for her life. Her mind kept going […]

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National Legal Staffing Support Reviews a Paralegal’s Role in a Law Firm

The role of a paralegal is one of the most important and versatile jobs in the legal profession. To provide further insight into this critical role, National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS), a leader in legal process outsourcing (LPO), describes some of the tasks and responsibilities provided by their paralegal services. A paralegal should hold a […]

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How to Choose a Lawyer

The legal world is notoriously full of predators, manipulation, and trickery.Whether or not you’re currently facing any litigation issues, you should be thinking about arming yourself with a qualified and competent lawyer. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re in the midst of the selection process. Nonetheless, it largely depends […]


Getting Your Small Business Noticed in a Small Town

To say that small business ownership is fraught with challenges would be an understatement. Between money management, client relations and active recruiting, many small business owners have quite a bit on their plate. However, while these particular facets of business ownership are certainly important, finding effective ways to promote your enterprise is equally essential. Even […]


Top 40 B2B Marketing Agencies in 2021

B2B marketing isn’t just about email marketing. It is about understanding and creating the right sales funnels and planning marketing activities accordingly. B2B marketers today engage in activities that include Cold Emailing, Account-based marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Content Syndication, Webinars, Roundtables, and much more. If your brand is looking for a B2B marketing agency to partner […]