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We live in a competitive era and every day different products and services are being launched. Some get successful while some just don’t. Although every company wants to succeed their product or service that doesn’t mean that every product or service they introduce to the world is actually unique and legendary. Generally, every company focuses […]


Jason Kulpa, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Shares How to Develop Strong Brand Consistency for Unrivaled Success

You have just built a business but need to increase sales and gain more clientele. What area of the company should you target?  Branding.  As your business evolves, so should your brand. Branding increases awareness and aids in developing a business that consumers come to recognize. If your main focus is filling your sales funnel, […]

Law And Order

How Individuals are treated as a subject of International Law

The evolution of mankind from cave to computer was accompanied by the formulation of certain rules which achieved the status of law. Initially some customs were developed between countries, and soon they forged into International Law. For centuries, it was believed that only states are the subjects of International law as there were two groups […]


World Traveler Michael Wiener of Albuquerque New Mexico Discusses Five Essential Travel Safety Tips

Whether you’ve always wanted to travel the country, the world, or just get away for a weekend, there are endless fun opportunities for traveling opportunities. However, it’s important to consider your safety while traveling, especially if you’re going by yourself.  While exploring new places means you’ll get to see incredible sights, try new or exotic food, and meet […]