Health and Wellness

Medical Credentialing: Choosing Between Hiring a Specialist or Outsourcing

As a healthcare practice, you want your service to be as efficient as possible. Usually, this means upgrading your technology and hiring the best staff. Practices and professionals can also choose between outsourcing or keeping services in-house. Tasks like coding, transcribing, and medical billing can be done by a third-party company instead of a staff member. Medical […]


What Is Business Travel Management?

Many businesses rely on travel as a necessary component of their day-to-day operations. Whether they’re traveling to meet with a client, conducting face-to-face sales meetings, or attending annual trade shows and conferences, sometimes the only way to get things done is to hop on a flight. On top of that, the business travel industry gets […]

Human Resources

Five Human Resources Statistics You Need to Know

Human resources is an important part of running any business. This department is important for your company. Why? Because they’re responsible for making hiring decisions, enforcing regulations, building and maintaining company culture, and much more. If you haven’t put much thought into how you run your HR department, it’s time to rethink. The following five […]