5 Best Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

Three people die every ten minutes from an accident that is preventable. Over 477 people die per day in the US because of these accidents, and the top contributors to accidents are:

  • Car accidents
  • Choking
  • Drowning
  • Falls
  • Drug overdoses

Motor vehicle deaths total 40,231 in 2017, and car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths. Preventing car accidents is possible, and it starts with the following:

1. Put Down the Phone

Distracted driving is on the rise, and 25% of all accident fatalities are attributed to distracted driving. For teens, more than 58% of accidents occur because of distracted driving – it’s an epidemic.

Teens, and all drivers, should put down their phones when they drive.

Law enforcement officials in many states are ramping up their efforts to ticket drivers who are texting – even at stoplights. If parents want to take the matter a step further. Verizon lists a variety of apps that will disable a phone while in motion or in a vehicle.

2. Defense Driving Classes

Motor vehicle accidents cause 20 – 50 million injuries and some 1.25 million deaths per year. Reducing crashes is possible by putting phones down and keeping your eyes on the road, but you can also choose to take defensive driving courses.

Check your local community college for any defensive driving courses that are available.

A local course near me allows for four-hour training, often on the weekend, and one day per month. The cost is under $100, and it encourages drivers to change their driving habits. Some insurance companies will even offer discounts to policyholders that have taken defensive driving classes.

3. Stay Out of the Fast Lane

Edmunds reports that people should stay out of the fast lane if they want to avoid an accident. The reason is that staying in the right lane or center lane allows for an easier escape if something happens.

Perhaps you’re driving in the middle lane.

You can swerve to the right or left to dodge an accident as needed. The majority occurs when a driver is in the left lane.

4. Be Cautious of Blind Spots

When you switch lanes, you must look over your shoulder. A lot of accidents occur because people forget that their blind spot is a major hazard. When someone is in your blind spot, you won’t see them in your mirror.

So, you must look over your shoulder to make sure that no one is coming or in the opposing lane.

You should also be cautious of other drivers’ blind spots and try to avoid them as best as possible.

5. Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Vehicles need to be maintained. A lot of accidents are caused by worn tires or brake pads that do not allow the vehicle to stop quickly. You should, based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, have your vehicle properly maintained.

You want to have your brakes and tires replaced as necessary.

Brake fluid may need to be changed, and other key maintenance should be performed regularly. A well-maintained vehicle is a vehicle that will perform better, whether it be to change lanes faster or brake faster.