Don Forman United Nissan Continues To Thrive During Pandemic

Don Forman Nissan continues to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a prominent businessman and philanthropist, Don Forman is no stranger to giving back to the community.

He partnered with FOX5 Surprise Squad to bring joy and happiness to people who were — and are still facing economic uncertainty and gloom.

From book and blood drives to assisting victims and families of the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, Don Forman Automotive continues to help humankind during this national and global pandemic.

Don Forman Nissan offers MSRP savings, drive-out deals, daily discounts, and more savings on the entire fleet of new and certified pre-owned vehicles.

Don and his dedicated team are also assisting people with transportation — as they did for a group of UNLV college-bound students that needed cars for getting to and from the school.

Don Forman Nissan believes in giving back to the community that helped him become a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow at alarming rates

So many businesses have filed for bankruptcy as the economic downturn of the U.S.A and the world progresses. However, Don Forman is used to overcoming obstacles that hinder the betterment of humankind.

Along with his incredible team, Don continues to help people during this trying, challenging time. This includes substantial discounts so individuals and families can purchase quality vehicles at amazingly low prices.

United Nissan continues to thrive but not at the expense of other businesses or families that have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Don is always available to help people from all walks of life.

He loves empowering people that want to become successful business owners or entrepreneurs. Similarly, he combines his passion for business with philanthropy to make the world a better place — even during this tragic time across the globe.

United Nissan — Your Source for Cost-Affordable Automobiles

Don Forman features a wide range of certified cars that are reliable and perfect for work. These automobiles are of the highest quality and always dependable.

United Nissan remains committed to excellence in meeting the needs of car buyers during the pandemic. With industry-leading salespeople and plenty of financing options, Don Forman Automotive makes it easy to find an affordable car for you and your loved ones.

With the pandemic continuing to impact countless lives and businesses, Don Forman Nissan continues to provide the best vehicles to new and existing customers.

He’s also committed to helping car-buyers find the right vehicles that achieve desired results. With a proactive, hands-on approach to selling cars, Don and his team combine elements of philanthropy with business.

This means they are not just interested in making a sale, but also building bridges and friendships with the local community at large.

From sedans and SUVs to trucks and green vehicles, you do not have to spend a lot to find the perfect automobile at United Nissan. This regionally-renowned dealership features a fine line of pre-owned, certified vehicles for folks that need them.

The dealership even has one of the largest and most productive vehicle maintenance — servicing departments in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With a reliable customer support team, Don Forman Automotive continues to help people during these challenging times. Customers can always contact Don and the team to discuss options for buying a car.

Don Forman features and extensive fleet of vehicles that will meet your driving needs within time and budget.

The customer support team also provides flexible appointments for customers. This includes test drives, along with vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Customers do not have to worry about long lines, and the dealership is practicing social distancing to protect one and all.

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