How to Tackle Violent Drivers and Prevent Road Rage

Road rage is a common scene in every country, especially during the busy hours of the day, and it is a term used to describe people who drive aggressively, communicate rudely and exhibit other uncultured behaviours while using the road.

Such attitudes mostly result in a tensed verbal exchange, disorder, damages, frustration, and sometimes violence.

You’ll see the impatient drivers as they try to navigate their way roughly through the lanes, thereby instigating an outburst of anger from other on looking motorists. 

If you’re a frequent road user, you sure know what we’re talking about, and maybe you’ve had a firsthand experience yourself. 

Oh, the rush hours of the day, you can literally hear the continuous blast of automobile horns, the squealing of brakes, jostling for space, and sometimes this traffic bustle could end up in a car collision, which of course could result in drivers talking at each other, till order is restored. 

This article will prepare you ahead and help you stay calm and respond better when next you’re faced with a road rage with following 7 tips to avoid road rage.

Do Not Respond to Provocation

Imagine a scenario where the driver keeps raising their voice while raining insults, how are you likely to respond? The reality is that two angry people can hardly agree.

Here’s what we suggest: Decide that you’ll be the calm and sensible person, irrespective of who is right. Counting from one to hundred is another quick way to switch your attention from the raging motorist.

Give the Other Driver Room to Pass

It is amazing how this simple act of kindness has contributed immensely to safety on the road. You’re not being gullible when you choose to allow the driver to pass, you’re only maintaining your peace.

Lock the Car Windows and Doors

This way you’ll have shut out all the noise you will have hitherto been tempted to respond to. Recondition your atmosphere in the car, as it can be your haven from getting back at an aggressive motorist.

Leave Early

Leaving for your destination early enough can help you stay calm and less in a hurry. If you are sure you can beat the traffic by leaving your location early, then do so. You’ll not only find that you feel relaxed, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling composed.

Turn on Some Music

Today, most vehicles have an inbuilt stereo system, and you can use that to your advantage. When you start feeling tense, turn on some soulful and melodious music, it has a healing effect.

Do Not Give Tit for Tat

That is another way of saying ‘Do not retaliate’. Have you observed that silence at times can be a very powerful means of communication? While the other driver is verbally aggressive, they’ll be shocked to realize you’re not retaliating, and that alone can give them a change of heart.

Enjoy Your Ride

Sing aloud, play an inspiring podcast, do what it takes to get your mind off the toxic situation. You could even find a nice place to park your car and enjoy a snack before hitting the road again.

That said, we will answer the next essential and frequently asked question:

Is Road Rage Covered by Auto Insurance?

Although insurance companies have policies that cover for liability in case of an unforeseen mishap, in the case of road rage, it’s considered a deliberate act.

And many insurance companies will not compensate for such losses. You should be aware where & how to use insurance cover of your vehicle in such situation:

Liability: It typifies your legal duty to others for bodily injury or damage to property.

Property: It includes theft of your car or accidental damage.

Medical: This is the cost incurred from rehabilitation, treating injuries, and seldom funeral expenses.

Now that you can better understand the need for car insurance, and self-control in a road rage, let’s move right ahead with more useful tips. 

No one likes to start their day with arguments from an aggressive and violent driver, but if you’re faced with one, here is what you can do to keep the situation under control.

Do Not Honk at the Horn Angrily

Use the car horn only when you have to, so as to avoid a reaction from the other driver. In a bid to express your dissatisfaction, you may want to honk the horn aggressively, but that’s absolutely unnecessary. Stay calm instead, and remember that it is not worth it in the end.

Avoid Eye Contact With the Violent Driver

It’s obvious they want to get a reaction from you, and you mustn’t let that happen. Keeping eye contact will make the driver feel you want to confront them, and that is something you should avoid.

Notify the Authorities

Some drivers can go as far as following you, maybe after you’ve had a verbal exchange with them. Alert the authorities and lock the doors of your car to keep safe.


When a driver resorts to abusive language and keeps honking their horn at you, give him a chance to pass by pulling over in a safe place, where possible.

You don’t have to be a violent driver just because the other driver is aggressive. Choose the way of peace, and apply the above tips to help you stay out of trouble.

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