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Renting a car on a business trip to The Netherlands? Here’s what you need to know

Planning your business trip to The Netherlands? The best way to move around typically is a rental car. This of course depends on the location of the companies that you need to visit. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic it can be a good decision to rent a car to travel inside the cities as well. When you want to rent a car Eindhoven airport there are several elements you need to take into consideration.

Car rental pricing

The pricing structure of a car rental comes in different types. When you are browsing the web, you will find very low prices of quality cars. However, when going to their websites, you will see that a lot of additions will be needed to start the business trip. For example, think about mileage and its restrictions as well as the insurances needed. In the end, you will pay more than you would have with an all inclusive car rental company. 

When you rent a car Eindhoven airport there are companies that provide an all inclusive price. This means a price including (unlimited) mileage and all necessary insurances. You are ready to go immediately! This is an appealing option, as no unpleasant surprises and cost structures can be expected.

Renting a car in airports

Prices differ per airport. We typically see that prices on intercontinental airports are higher than regional airports. This is also visible when you compare car rental Schiphol with Eindhoven airport. The difference in pricing can be explained by the higher operating costs of the intercontinental airport. For example, office space and parking spots are more expensive. If you are traveling from within the continent, it good be an appealing option to travel to a regional airport. 

Car rental Eindhoven airport is appealing

Especially the airport of Eindhoven is appealing, as you can quickly start the journey from here. The airport is relatively small and you can be out in minutes, ready to get your car. Some of the rental companies are offering valet parking, meaning that they will drive the car to the front of the airport. Simply hop in and you can get your business trip started. 

When comparing this to the larger Schiphol airport, this is becoming more complex due to its vast size. Rent a car Eindhoven airport is a recommendation that should not get unnoticed. Furthermore, the city also hosts most of the high-tech companies, making it a de facto business trip airport.

If you consider traveling to The Netherlands for a business trip, renting a car is the best travel option. When comparing the rental companies, take into account the cost structure and make sure you have all the costs covered. If you are able to travel to a regional airport you will enjoy lower costs than the larger intercontinental hubs, such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.