Tips on finding a good monthly parking space at a good price

Stop waiting for a friend of a friend to get back to you about monthly parking close to where you work. Instead, use the tips below to find a monthly parking spot that’s affordable and safe.

1. Use the internet to your advantage

A simple Google search can go a long way. Type in exactly what you’re looking for and don’t forget to include the desired city, neighbourhood or intersection. There will be thousands of results for you to browse through, with the most relevant information being on the first few pages. 

Keep a critical eye on the type of information that you’re receiving as some websites aren’t as credible as others. Look for companies that offer a parking marketplace, such as WhereiPark. You’ll be able to narrow down secure and cheap monthly parking with complete peace of mind.

2. Make a list and check it twice

Come up with a checklist of important parking spot amenities. What security features are important to you? Is having a security guard on hand a priority or are cameras good enough? What about the size of the spot or whether the lot is underground or at street level? For those with disabilities, you’ll want elevators and priority spaces. You’ll also want to decide whether you need 24/7 access to your monthly parking space or if specific times work just as well. Consider making two lists: one that has must-haves and the other for nice-to-haves.

3. The perfect location

You may think that the closest spot to your home or workplace is the obvious choice, but consider something that’s a short walk away. Besides adding a little fresh air to your day, this could also lead to something more affordable. You can also use the extra steps to bond with fellow employees who are also walking to work, or make a pit stop at your favourite coffee shop.

4. Chat it out

If you’re looking for monthly parking near your office, ask your colleagues how they were able to secure their space. If you’re starting a new job soon, ask the person you’ve been in contact with for suggestions; they may have secured a group parking rate that you can take advantage of. If you’re looking for a space near your house and or in the building where you live, don’t be afraid to start up a friendly conversation with your neighbours. What worked for them may just work for you too!

5. Use social media

You probably have a collection of friends and acquaintances on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Why not try reaching out to them all in one shot? Tweet, update your status or create a story about needing parking in a particular area. Who knows —maybe someone you know has a spot they aren’t using or can help spread the word. It may be your network of people that helps you find the right spot.