Tips on How to Pass Your Driving Test

Tips on How to Pass Your Driving Test

Learning to drive and passing your driving test are two rites of passage as you grow up. It can be really nerve wracking in the run up to your test – but don’t worry, just like any other test if you practise, study, and stay calm, you’ll pass with flying colours. To help you prepare, here are a couple of useful tools and tips to help you pass your driving test. Having to repeat your driving test can be an added expense, but also can add unneeded stress to your daily life. There’s also a bit of a stigma around not passing your test first try. Being properly prepared will help ensure you don’t have to repeat and can gain your independence as fast as possible. 

Tips to help you pass

Calming Techniques

One of the most common reasons people make mistakes in their driving tests is because they get too nervous in the moment and they make wrong decisions or forget things – such as hitting the left indicator when they meant to hit right, or forgetting to visibly check the wing mirror when changing lanes. 

A couple of simple calming techniques can be of help. The easiest of all is to practise deep breathing whenever you feel your nerves getting out of hand – it sounds obvious, but people forget to do it in the moment. It helps to slow your body down, calming your nerves and allowing you to keep a clear head. Another useful calming technique is to list five things around you that you can see and hear – it helps keep you in the moment rather than allowing your worries to overwhelm your thoughts.


This is the most obvious tip, but it’s also the most important. Before your test, drive as much as you can – travel on routes you do like, travel on roads you don’t like, go on short trips and go on long trips. The more you do something, the more it becomes a part of your muscle memory rather than something you have to actively think about doing, which reduces the chance of getting it wrong on the day. It’s the same difference as going into a presentation with rough notes and an idea of what to say versus going into a presentation having rehearsed every day for a month and having one card with some keywords on it. Rehearsal always pays off! You’re also going to want to try to drive around the area you’ll be doing your driver license test in. Often they’ll want to take you through a few different driving areas such as multi lane roads, industrial areas, challenging intersections and so forth. Try to challenge yourself as much as possible before the test, so you’re ready for anything the instructors may throw at you.

Online Practice Permit Tests

The internet once again comes to the rescue, and there are plenty of practice resources out there for you to take full advantage of. Zutobi offers a DMV test platform with resources for practising everything you need to ace your exam, tailored to your state – so you won’t have to worry that you’ve accidentally learned Arizona’s laws when actually you live in Indiana.All the information is there, ready and waiting for you to study – no book for you to misplace! You can go through these online tests as many times as you want until you’re satisfied that you know what you need to know, and using the many resources out there will help you get fully prepared for your test. You’ll find that online practice permit tests are considerably more affordable than buying them in person, and great for the environment too!

Hire an Experienced Driver to do a Practice Run
One of the best things I did when going for my license was hiring a driver instructor to do a mock driving test. It allowed me to practice with someone who has experience and can look out for the common mistakes I might be making. It was also someone I didn’t know, so it felt a lot more serious than practicing with a family member or friend, and allowed me to practice being nervous and also learning to focus on driving while following instructions. This can be an added expense, but for me it was definitely worth it as it was considerably cheaper than repeating the driving test. It also allowed me to gain invaluable feedback which I’m sure helped me to pass my driver’s test first try.

Being able to drive on your own can allow you to experience a level of freedom like no other. It can also open up other opportunities in terms of employment opportunities, as you’ll be able to take on other roles or to travel more easily for work. Using online practice permits can be a great way to get you ready for your exam and to ensure you pass first try.

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