Tips to sell your car faster

Are you an owner of a used car? Do you want to sell it? No doubt, selling an old car is quite difficult but believe me, it’s not impossible. All you need to do is to follow a few tips to sell your car faster. There is no need to settle for a low price as you can get a good price for your vehicle by following a few tips. Let’s have a look at these tips.

Visit a car mechanic

Whenever you want to sell your vehicle, first you must visit a local mechanic. He will inspect your car to identify any technical problems. No one would like to buy a defective vehicle, so you must fix your car beforehand to get a good selling price.  This inspection comprises of battery test, checking vehicle’s parts, and monitoring tires. Get fresh paint for your vehicle if there are any scratches to attract maximum the number of potential customers.

Visit a service station

After mechanical check, painting and denting, visit a service station along with your car. Request for car detailing and service. Your vehicle must look presentable and clean to the buyers. Ask for a wax or polish to make your car look shiny. Hire a professional person for this service.

Capture good-quality pictures

Now your vehicle looks clean and neat, next you must capture good-quality pictures of your car to show to potential customers. These pictures will describe your vehicle in the best manner. This is the first step to describe your vehicle, so you need to be careful. Don’t miss any angle of your car while taking pictures, including both interior and exterior. There are more chances of getting the maximum number of offers if the pictures describe your car in detail.

Do a little research

Make sure you do some research before setting a price for your vehicle. Its price should not be much high in comparison to other cars of the same make and model. Do consider the additional expenses that you have spent on the car and then fix the price accordingly. Do mention the plus points in the description box like new tires, new seat covers, etc. Fill up the details on sell my car and then set a competitive price to attract maximum buyers.

Complete documents and post an ad

Make sure you got all the documents like registration book, service history, maintenance receipts, etc. After that, post your ad on a reliable online platform like

Meet the buyer

Once you receive a good offer, schedule a meeting with the buyer to show your car. Show him the best features and brief other details. Answer all his questions honestly and let him a test drive. Finalize the deal and decide the mode of payment.

Transfer the car

Selling a vehicle on an open transfer letter is illegal. So, always acquire a transfer deed for your car in the name of the buyer from the Excise and Taxation Department to avoid any illegal act.