What Are the Major Components of a Hi-End Car Entertainment System?

The in-car entertainment sector is currently enjoying the latest digital technology, and for enthusiasts, there are set packages, or you could purchase the separate components and create your own in-car entertainment system. There are a number of top-rated manufacturers that offer the very best of in-car audio and visual excellence, and if you are thinking of building your own in-car entertainment system, here is a list of essential components.

The Head Unit

Often called the player, the head unit is the very much the heart of the system, with CD, DVD, FM radio and a USB port, plus the head unit contains the main amplifier and most units have Internet capability. If you want the complete audio-visual experience, buy a head unit with Blue Ray DVD, which is fed to LCD screens in the vehicle, and the latest models all have touch-screen controls. Most head units have their own interior amplifier, which can be overridden by a more powerful, exterior amplifier, which would be located under the front passenger seat. There are many features on a state-of-the-art media player, with most units having the capability of both iPhone and Android connections, which allows you to play your playlists on your smartphone.

Here is a list of top brands:

  • Pioneer
  • Kenwood
  • Sony
  • JVC
  • Clarion

Each manufacturer would have many models, each with its own features, and most offer a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Power Amplifier

The serious in-car audio enthusiast would not settle for the built-in amp on the head unit, rather they would install a Clarion or JBL amplifier, with 600-1,000 W and 4-track capability, which is more than enough to drive a set of quality speakers. For the best deals on hi-end in-car components, look no further than, where you can find the best brands at affordable prices. If you purchase the system in separate components, you can be sure of the very best performance, and by reading online reviews, you can discover how the various components perform when combined with other brands. Some drivers are perfectly happy using the in-built amplifier inside the media player, which would save you some money, as external power amplifiers are costly.


There is a wide range of possible speaker configurations and combining the woofer and the tweeter gives you a coaxial speaker, which is a popular choice. A set of 4 coaxial speakers of 4-5 inches would be the ideal configuration for a saloon car, and as the body creates a limited space, you can have some great audio for a relatively low investment. If you are looking to sell your car, here are a few tips to ensure a quick sale. The specialists can also suggest the best locations for the small speakers that provide the treble sound, plus you can buy special add-ons that direct the speaker sound for optimum listening.

Online Reviews

Of course, with so many great brand names, such as:

  • Kenwood
  • Pioneer
  • JBL Audio
  • JL
  • JVC
  • Kicker

People like to experiment with various combinations of head unit, amp and speakers, and if you check out some of the in-car audio forums, you can discover set ups that really work. For an invest of a couple of hundred dollars, you can enjoy mid-range hi-end audio, and if you want the very best, be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket. The most important thing is a good quality play unit, with adequate amplification and hi-end speakers, which will come together to bring you quality sound playback. Here is an article that outlines penalties for turning your car stereo to a high volume, which might cost you a few hundred dollars in fines.

If you are looking to invest in a customised in-car audio system, search for the online supplier who has the best brands at the lowest prices, and you can build your own system that really gives you optimum sound.

Professional Installation

Unless you happen to have a wealth of experience installing hi-end car audio, you should leave the installation to a specialist, but rather than purchasing the components from such a store, it is cheaper to acquire the components from an online supplier and have them installed by a local in-car audio shop. The standard of finishing is important, and rather than risk damaging the upholstery, you are advised to take your car to an established in-car audio fitter, as they have the know-how and the equipment for a safe and reliable installation.

Like most things, with in-car audio, you only get what you pay for, and by sticking to well-known brands, you are assured of the very best audio playback. A little online research will give you valuable feedback regarding specific components and how they work together, and this will help you to select the right components for the best in-car audio experience.

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