7 Ways to Recover From Entrepreneurial Burnout

Are you feeling detached from your business? Have you been feeling physically and emotionally exhausted? Do you feel like your entrepreneurial efforts are ineffective, or that you have a lack of accomplishments compared to how much work you put in? Do you have to force yourself to get out of bed in the morning?

These are the hallmark signs of career burnout, a… Read the rest

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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Dropping Out of College to Launch a Business

When you look at famous college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, it might seem as if ditching the books and launching a business is the right thing to do. But if you’re considering dropping out, there are some things you need to know.

Making the Case for Dropping Out

While your parents’ generation gasped at the idea of someone drop… Read the rest

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6 Tips for Being a Successful (and Profitable) Airbnb Host

In an age where there are many different options for increasing your income, Airbnb is one of the more popular sources of supplemental income. If you’ve ever considered offering up your house – or a room in your home – then there are some things you need to know.

6 Tips to Keep in Mind

Depending on where you live, what your overhead is, and how often you can re… Read the rest

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Eldercare Options: Pros And Cons Of Nursing Homes

Who will take care of your elderly family members as they age? Will you take care of them in your home or put them in a facility? Will you hire someone to take care of them? Though there are many options available when it comes to senior care, one common assumption is that elderly relatives will live out their final years in a nursing home, especially if they have pr… Read the rest

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How to Raise Money When You Want It Quickly

Whether you’re trying to start a business, fund a vacation, or just get through an especially tough time in your life, there are occasions when you’ll need to raise money as quickly as possible. You can’t depend on a second job to make the extra income, since that will take too much time, and get-rich-quick schemes are both hard to come by and rarely effecRead the rest

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The Most Underrated Aspect of Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

As marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about content. And while the actual words and visuals you use to connect with your customers are important, don’t forget about one all-important aspect of your digital marketing campaigns: color scheme. The colors you choose will have a direct impact on how your content resonates with your target market.

A Revi

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Being Stressed Out Led Me To The Healing Power Of Nature

Having a job is like being in a relationship; the honeymoon phase won’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll get stressed out and wonder if you’ve made the right choice.

For a short while, I took on a part-time position as a drive-through barista. Making coffee all day and walking away with cash tips seemed like the best gig in the world… until I completelRead the rest

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to an Alcoholic

In moderation, there’s nothing wrong with alcohol. Millions of people enjoy a drink after work or sharing a bottle of wine over dinner. But when rules of moderation are ignored and alcohol consumption becomes excessive, the results can be catastrophic.

The State of Alcohol Abuse in America

According to the most recent data gathered by the National Insti… Read the rest

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7 Small Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

Home security matters more than you might think. There are about 3.7 million home burglaries in the United States every year, and many of them could have been prevented with simple upgrades.

Most people think that home security is a major investment, costing thousands of dollars’ worth of new equipment, or substantial changes to the layout of your home.

B… Read the rest

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What Are the Best Qualities for a CMO to Have?

At some point in your company’s development, you’re going to need to hire a chief marketing officer (CMO). As the title suggests, this is going to be your point person on all things related to marketing and advertising, so it’s vital that you get someone in place who knows what they’re doing, and exhibits all the “best” qualities for a marketing lRead the rest

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5 Ways to Fix Incompatible Sleeping Habits

Most couples in long-term relationships end up sleeping together in the same bed—but that can be a problem for one or both lovers. Sleep is an important component of your health, and if one person makes it harder or impossible for the other to get a good night’s sleep, the other partner will suffer the consequences, and may grow resentful of the offending p… Read the rest

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The 5 Keys to Being Successful With an Ecommerce Business

The beauty of ecommerce, at least from a business perspective, is that you don’t need a ton of resources to get started. Everything you need can be found online and you aren’t required to invest in real estate or any of the other expensive infrastructural elements that generally command large amounts of capital. But in order to be successful, there are so… Read the rest

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What’s the First Step If You Struggle With Addiction?

Addiction is far more common than you might realize. In 2014, 21.5 million Americans aged 12 and over battled with a substance abuse problem. About 80 percent of those sufferers battled with alcohol abuse, but alcohol isn’t the only source of addiction—there are also both illegal and prescription drugs, gambling, and even sex.

If you feel you may be str… Read the rest

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How to Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy

We all want our families to be happy. Many of the decisions we make on a daily basis involve happiness and making sure everyone feels loved and cared for. But did you know that happiness is often directly linked to health? Unless you’re paying attention to your family’s health, happiness may be elusive.

6 Tips for Creating a Healthy Family

As a parent, you h… Read the rest

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Selling Your Business? 4 Systems to Have in Place Now

Selling your business is a big move that demands careful planning. You need to calculate your desired sale price, obviously, which can be a challenge. To sell your business for as much as you possibly can, you need to be able to show potential buyers you have efficient systems that make the business profitable.

If you haven’t optimized your systems yet, her… Read the rest

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5 Easy Ways to Make Other “Mom” Friends

When you have your first child, everything changes. Suddenly life ceases to be all about you and involves sustaining someone else. But just because you commit most of your energy to your child, doesn’t mean you can’t have friends of your own.

The Challenge of Making Mom Friends

Do you remember how easy it was to make friends when you were in school? Whether … Read the rest

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5 Reasons Millennials Are Responsible For The Remote Worker Revolution

We all dream of the day we can get up one fine Monday morning and spend the rest of our life doing whatever we please. Instead, for most of us, reality sets in loudly at 5:30 am when our alarm clock screams at us to wake up, get dressed, and get to work for that 7 o’clock meeting.

For many people, this scenario is normal simply because they’ve been doing it for so lo… Read the rest

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What Can Parents Do to Help Kids Raise Their Grades?

For parents of school-aged children, one of the more frustrating things to watch is an underperforming child who gets bad grades. You know your child is smart and capable of getting good grades, but somehow they’re barely passing. What, if anything, can you do about it?

7 Steps for Helping Children Improve Grades

As a parent, you have a duty to help your chil… Read the rest

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You Have a Product, But Can You Sell It?

Creating a product isn’t the end of the road. In order to bring this product to market and benefit financially, you have to find a way to sell the product. But if you don’t have any formal education in sales or marketing, this can be a challenge.

How to Make Your First Sale(s)

Securing your first organic sale can seem like an insurmountable. The longer time go… Read the rest

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