17 Graphs That Will Help You Understand Your Extroverted Friends So Much Better

1. People don’t always ~get~ extroversion.

Shannon Rosenberg

2. It’s not that you hate alone time, it’s just that you only need it in very small doses.

Shannon Rosenberg

3. You may have a little bit of trouble keeping things in sometimes.

Shannon Rosenberg

4. You’re basically the reason your friend group exists.

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21 Individuals Who Are Already Having a Horrible Tuesday

1. These guys who just realized they aren’t going to get their job done on time.

2. This baby elephant who probably had a little bit too much to drink the night before.

3. These loading dock guys who didn’t think things all the way through.

4. This doggy who just wanted a drink of water.

5. This guy who wa

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28 Times People Were So Epically Lazy You’ll Actually Be Impressed

1. When this person just wanted to get the bottle opener without moving.

2. When FaceTiming the pizza was easier than checking it.

3. When vacuuming just wasn’t going to happen.

4. When the new roll was too much effort.

5. Hell, when all the new rolls were just too much effort.

6. And so was getting rid o

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27 Times “The Simpsons” Was Too Clever for Its Own Good

1. When homophobia was summed up flawlessly.

2. When Homer found an important loophole.

3. When it explained gun control in two lines.

4. When Patti gifted us with the perfect insult.

5. When it made every married coupl

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19 Signs You’re a Kardashian Separated at Birth

If you relate to most of these, then the Kardashians basically run in your blood.
With so much media attention, it’s hard not to have a general idea of what this extended family’s lifestyle is like — and with great beauty, luxury and fortune comes desire. Do you secretly wish you were part of the Kardashian clan? Here are some of the warning signs.

1. Your s

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14 Things You Should Know Before You Date a Girl Who’s ALWAYS Hungry

1. All meals need to be planned in advance so she knows where the next food is coming from. At lunch, she’ll ask you about dinner. At breakfast, she’ll ask you about dinner. Basically just always be up for dinner.

2. This goes for family gatherings, too. A wedding that starts at 3? First priority isn’t what to wear, it’s where we&#… Read the rest

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All Black Everything: 24 Reasons Wednesday Addams Is Your Spirit Animal

Wednesday Addams has been an iconic figure since, well, as long as we can remember.

Her pale complexion and dark features create such a juxtaposition — we can’t draw our eyes away from it.

She embodies everything we wish we could stand for: hating everyone and meaning it, setting fires to buildings and establishments we can’t stand and basi… Read the rest

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21 People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Monday Than You

Let’s all go back to bed.

1. The person who has this locker:

2. These guys:

3. The person who made this sign:

4. This person:

5. This biker:

6. This person:

7. This person:

8. Anyone trying to get a seat on this Tube:

9. This person:

10. This person:

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