5 Ways to Use Custom Magnets to Impress Any Customer

Promotion marketing is a great way to get new customers and expand the reach of your brand. There are a number of different types of products that you can use. Pens, t-shirts and hats are some of the most common types of promotional products. However, magnets can be especially useful, even if they are not as commonly used.

There are a number of great benefits of using custom printed magnets for your marketing campaign. Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider using them.

 Get customers to use custom magnets on their own refrigerators

 Do you manage a B2C business?  One of the best ways to promote your brand is by getting your customers to showcase promotional products in their own homes. Their friends and family will see your branding materials and consider working with you as well.

Custom magnets with your company name and logo can be especially useful in this regard.  If your customers put the magnets on their refrigerators, their visitors will almost always notice them when they go over to visit. This means that they have much more visibility than branded pens and clothing items, which are rarely used or shared.

 Do you market heavily to companies in the restaurant industry? Try getting them to use custom magnets on their refrigerators as well.

Companies that work closely with restaurants can also benefit from custom magnets.  Restaurant companies often have suppliers and other third-party companies visit their premises. If you have shared custom magnets with them, then these other Magnets with them, then these other companies will see them every time they visit the premises and see the refrigerator.

Increase your brand visibility by selling custom magnets through various retail channels

 There are a lot of different retail channels that you can use to sell specialty products. You can work with local retailers that might be happy to distribute them for you. You can also use online retailers, such as Amazon.

 You might be able to recoup the cost of manufacturing your custom magnets by selling them instead of giving them away. Of course, the goal is not to generate a little bit of cash flow by selling your custom magnets. The real goal is to increase brand visibility. Merely listing your products online or putting them on the shelves of a local store will help expand the reach of your brand.

 Give them away at tradeshows and other events

 There are a number of industry events where companies are encouraged to share specialty products. You might want to consider giving away custom magnets at these events.

 Give away your magnets as a package with other custom products

  Some customers and might not be interested in your magnets by themselves. However, they might be more than happy to accept them as part of a larger product bundle.

 create a variety of products with your company brand. Pens, T-shirts and magnets can all go well together. If you give them away at the same time, people that would otherwise turn down your magnets will gladly except them. And they will be much more likely to put them on the refrigerators or show them off to their friends.

 Creating branded magnets can be a great way to reach new customers

 Sometimes seemingly simple strategies can go along way towards furthering your brand. Magnets with your company logo and name on them are a prime example. You should consider reaching out to a company that will help you manufacture them and try to reach more customers.