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6 Ways To Make Your Business Card Unique

The purpose of a business card is to let others know how they can contact you. However, this card can also say a lot about you and your business. So, it’s a good idea to be as creative as possible when it comes to the design. Specifically, you need to offer a personal touch. Here are a few ways in which you can make your business card unique.

1. Experiment with Dimensions

The average business card has a dimension of 3.5-by-2-inches. If you’re a startup business, then you may want to stick with the status quo, but keep in mind that if you do your card may end up in the stack with all of the others. A great way to make someone take an extra look at yours is to feature larger dimensions. You may even consider taking your dimensions down–anything that helps to make your business seem different.

2. Experiment with Shape

Another great way to make your business card stand out and brand your business is to experiment with the shape. Most business cards are the standard rectangle. If you want someone to remember your business consider changing things up. Why not create a circular card or one that’s in the shape of a triangle with rounded edges? If you’re a piano teacher, have your business cards cut into this shape. If you’re a baker have them cut into the shape of a cake of croissant.

3. Play with Colors

There’s a reason why there’s an entire sector of marketing dedicated solely to color psychology. And that’s because colors have subtle meanings that tend to make us feel a certain way. Brighter colors such as orange and yellow can make us feel energetic and optimistic. Cool colors such as purple and blue tend to make us feel more stable and as if we can depend on the company. And colors like black and green can indicate luxury and prosperity. So, if you want to stand out to your clients, make sure that you take your colors seriously. Ask yourself what you want them to feel in comparison to the competition. Just make sure that the colors you choose actually compliment your logo.

4. Make it a Coupon

If you want to get the most mileage out of your card, then you can make it double as a coupon. The best way to do this is to present your business information on one side and the coupon details on the other. Perhaps they can save 10% on their next purchase or may their next visit is completely free if they present your business card or refer a friend. The benefit of this particular design trick is that the person will likely always hang on to the card. And that means that they won’t be too quick to forget about your business.

5. Direct People to Your Social Accounts

When designing your business card, it can be tempting to share too much information. Why not instead direct people to where they can find all of the information that you would like to share with them. In most cases, this is your social media. Use the back of your card to share usernames for places like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This is where they’ll be able to learn more about your business and get caught up on your brand story.

6. Keep it Simple

There’s no doubt that it’s important to get people’s attention. However, in doing so you should keep in mind that some elements should always remain simple. Ultimately, this means that you should leave as much blank space as possible. Blank space can help people to concentrate on the words that are there. So always remember that less is more.


A lot of startups don’t realize that the design of their business cards can be just as important as the logo or place of business. And that’s because it’s often the first impression. So, it’s important that you make one that is lasting. Make sure that you work with a business card printing company that’s willing and able to experiment and think outside of the box.