Branding: Are You Ready to Make an Effort?

When you are doing market research and approach, someone with a straight forward question like: “Would you buy our product and, if not, why?” and get the answer somewhere along the line of “Who the hell are you people?”, there is something very wrong with your marketing. Putting yourself on a map and engraving the logo of your company in the minds of your customers and potential customers is your number one priority. You have to make sure that people recognize your company as a force to be reckoned with, as something they can rely on when it comes to certain qualities. Basically, if people haven’t heard about you before, you can’t really rely on people buying your products. Even if some of them do, they usually won’t transform in to returning customers unless you really blow their minds with the quality of your product. You are a nameless company as far as they are concerned.

Branding basics


We’ve already mentioned reliability and this is one of the key elements of branding. You have to agree on the specific qualities your products and services will always have so you can promote yourself through them. This is a key decision, since you don’t want to get into a situation where you promised something to your customers but you can’t deliver. This is one of the worst things you can do to destroy your branding efforts. The keyword is consistency and many companies have problems with staying on the road the drew up in the beginning. Companies that have a reputation of always delivering and keeping their word have the most loyal customers which are prepared to promote them and recommend them to their friends and family. This is the most natural marketing you can get, the word of mouth.

The Web voice

Reaching your customers can be a bit more difficult “on foot”. If you want to boost the entire thing a bit more aggressively, there is no better solution than to go online. People are spending more and more time socializing on social networks or just surfing the web. This is why you need to have a strong foothold on web, since people have the tendency to Google everything that is new to them and if they can’t find you, this means that you practically don’t exist and they will be reluctant to do business with you or buy anything from you. When we research things on the web, we rely on other people’s previous experience with you and they get it in the form of reviews and tweets. Getting the good web voice out there is the best thing you can do in order to brand your company name. Of course, all the rules of consistency and reliability apply. You can learn a lot if you research the business philosophy applied by eCommerce entrepreneurship. All of this takes work but it is nothing you can’t accomplish with a good SEO and Social Networking effort.

The Customer service


Yes, I put that capital “C” on customer in the title on purpose. This is how your customers should be treated, with respect. You have to focus on their needs and concerns and make sure they are met with the right response. If you apply this philosophy to everything you do, you will have an easier time getting through to them and you will earn their respect and confidence. On top of that, you will get great feedback from them and you will be able to resolve the issues that you might not have been aware of. You also get great material for new ideas and directions in which you can move. The web is a great place to get this kind of feedback.

Marketing that you remember

Your advertisement on any platform needs to have a certain style. It needs to have your logo of course, which needs to reflect the image you want to put forth. It needs to be done with quality and simplicity since you will need to use it in all kinds of situations. It needs to have adaptability, because you will imprint it on various types of promotional solutions that you will use in your marketing campaign such as tangible objects, ads, TV commercials, etc. Still, you can go for something a bit more unorthodox and attempt to skyrocket your brand through a creative guerrilla marketing campaign. It takes a bit more to come up with something that will work for you but a good guerrilla campaign can really have a significant impact on the way your brand develops. 

I guess the goal you are chasing after when it comes to marketing is to have people say: ”Oh, another “insert your company name” commercial, let’s see what they did this time”, but they need to have that realization within a couple of seconds into your commercial. It is a style that is attributed just to you and no one else.