Do’s and Don’ts of a Custom Printed Gazebo

When planning any event, always remember the old saying, first impression is the last impression. Just like you want to look your best at an event, your business should also look impeccable to visitors. A branded gazebo is a sure-fire way to make your first impression a grand one!

Printed gazebos are extremely popular at tradeshows and networking events. As many as 83% businesses meet prospective clients at trade shows and around 48% businesses attract attendees with an eye-catching exhibition space.

Why is a printed gazebo the life of any event?

  • They look amazing when erected.
  • They are excellent branding and promotional tools.
  • They’re easy to carry, set up, and store.
  • They have more options for customisations than a walled venue.
  • They are cheaper than walled venues in the long run.

So, you see, how vital branded gazebos are if you want to promote your business successfully?

Another important thing to note here is that a pop-up gazebo can only be effective if it is printed correctly. That means, you must adhere to some basic do’s and don’ts while buying a custom printed gazebo.

What are these? Let’s have a look!

4 Tips to print an effective branded gazebo

#1: Logo

A logo is the first thing visitors notice when they see your gazebo. Make sure that the logo on your branded gazebo:

  • Is printed in high-resolution;
  • Is present on the front as well as centre;
  • Is printed in bold clear font and vivid colours;
  • Does not look cluttered with placement of other text or images.

#2: Placement

A customised pop-up gazebo is no good if onlookers cannot read anything printed on it. This is why placement of information on your gazebo should be such that everything is visible and can be read without putting in too much effort.

  • Try to place content and images on top of the gazebo;
  • Make sure that the content isn’t cut off by a wall, table, or curtains;
  • The top-most portion of the roof should contain your business name and logo. You can print other information like the website domain at lower locations such as walls.

#3: Colours

While white coloured branded gazebos are the classic choice for most exhibitors, adding a splash of colour increases their visual appeal manifold.

  • The colours should not exceed more than three. You don’t want your gazebo to look like a multicolour mess.
  • Use colours that don’t supress your brand theme.
  • Make sure to choose colours around your brand theme.

#4: Branding

Simple message is good communication. Instead of overwhelming the viewers with information packed on every inch of the gazebo, build a focus area where the eye lands. The purpose of a custom printed gazebo is to convey your business name, how you can be contacted, and what you do.

  • Use as little words as possible;
  • Use bold and clear-to-read fonts;
  • Convey information through flowcharts, images, or pointers; and
  • When using pictures or graphics, ensure that they are in high-resolution and consistent with the brand theme.

If you cannot find the right image, make sure to get in touch with our experts. They can recreate any design for you, down to its last detail. Just share your artwork to get started!

Bonus: Don’t compromise on high-quality printing.

Don’t get swayed by companies that claim to print your pop-up gazebo for a lower cost or offer huge discounts off their printing process. They will offer you an inferior product that will either starting fading after a few uses or have a lower lifespan.

How to find reliable printing partners?

There are several gazebo printers, so how do you find a trustworthy printer? Look for the following pointers:

  • They are ready to share portfolio of their previous clients.
  • They don’t print final artwork on the fabric without your approval.
  • Their printing comes with a ‘No Fade Warranty’.
  • They set clear timelines and adhere to them.
  • They are transparent in all communications and discuss your requirements thoroughly.

Extreme Marquees is Australia’s #1 printed gazebos and marquee supplier. We use fade-resistant inks over imported fabrics and state-of-the-art printers – so that you get durable, long-lasting, and vividly printed gazebos.

How can you order your custom printed gazebo?

Our process of printing gazebos is very simple and convenient.
Request a branded gazebo in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Discuss your requirements with us.

Our customer service team is always at your service. Just pick up your phone and talk to us at 1300 850 832. You can also fill up the requirement form and an expert from the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 2: Share your artwork with us.

The next step is to share your artwork. If you already have an artwork in place, share its high-resolution file with us through email or WeTransfer. The logos can be shared in PDF or vector formats while images can be shared in TIF, JPG, or PDF formats.

Step 3: Approve your designs.

In case you do not have artwork ready, our experts can design one for you. Any doodle, sketch, or napkin drawing will do. Talk to our experts and share your ideas with them. Don’t worry, printing will only take place once you approve the final print.

Based on your inputs, our experts will create layout of your custom printed gazebo. After designing, it will be sent for your approval. You can suggest changes or approve it.

Step 4: Printing and delivery.

After your approval, we will begin printing your gazebo. The printed gazebo is usually delivered after 7-10 business days from the date you place the order. Should you require it on expedited delivery, we can express ship it too with nominal escalation charges. However, it is recommended to plan ahead in advance to leave as little room for error as possible.

After the delivery, your custom printed gazebo is all ready to show-off! Display it anywhere you like, promote your business and build your brand. Ready to order a printed gazebo? Browse through our online store and choose one that you like!

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