What Should Be Your Highest Priority When Selecting a Photography Business Card Template?

When you plan on creating new business cards for your photography business, the first thoughts tend to be of the images you’ll put on the business cards itself.

The price tag is probably a close second. But what factors should you be using to select the right photography business cards template?


There are several variations of this issue. One would be a business card template that limits what you can do with the file.

It may not let you save the file anywhere but their drive, and then you have to pay to save it for more than a few weeks.

Or you can save it with them for years, but the caveat is that you have to order the business cards from them. A few sites let you make business cards for free, but they’ll put their watermark on your images.

That hurts you when you’re a photographer trying to create business cards to support your own creative venture.

The constraints can take other forms, too. You may not be able to upload the file types you want.

It may limit you to a narrow range of fonts. You want a business card template to warn you when the image quality is so low it guarantees a poor-quality print, but you don’t want it to forbid a high-quality image upload.

Business owners want to know when the text or image is dangerously close to the edge, but you may want the option to make the image cover the entire card.

Ease of Use

Templates exist because the dramatically simplify the task of creating something, whether it is a new business card or resume.

The problem is how many templates get in the way of this process. If they give you too many options, it is as if you’re learning another software program.

On the flipside, minimalist templates don’t give you the freedom to do much more than print a basic business card with an uploaded logo. At that point, you might as well create the file on your own computer and send it to the printer.

The best business card templates will offer a spell-check, but this doesn’t eliminate the need to proof-read what you enter into the template.

Conversely, the best templates will help you line up elements and test spacing.

Covering the Basics

Creative types often focus so hard on the creative aspects that they forget the business fundamentals.

One mistake is focusing on the beauty of the shot and taking many photos for your portfolio but forgetting to drum up business and bill customers.

When it comes to business cards, creative types often focus on selecting the right image and getting the logo just right.

And at the same time, they forget to put their phone number or email address on the business card, though they have a lovely tagline at the bottom.

Your business card must include, at a minimum, your name or business name, a contact phone number and email address. Your website domain is a close second.

You should prioritize a call to action message at the bottom like “Book your wedding photos with us!” over additional social media profile links.

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