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Top Trends Reinventing the Jewelry Industry

There’s no doubt that jewelry has been a staple for anyone looking to upgrade how they look and is a way of showing off one’s status. It’s not surprising that people spend thousands on such pieces and stars are paid to wear new designs. There’s just something glamorous and unique about each piece that ends up captivating people from all walks of life. The following are just some of the jewelry trends that will no doubt make waves this 2017.

Imperfect Look

One of the trends that are definitely taking center-stage when it comes to jewelry is the imperfect piece. There was a time when most jewelry experts were looking for that perfect piece, but that is slowly changing. It seems that more and more people are starting to appreciate little imperfections in the piece they are buying. Some people believe these imperfections make a piece unique, which is really what you want.

Humanely Obtained

Another thing that is trending in today’s market is the market’s ability to offer gems and minerals that were humanely harvested. They also want to ensure that miners were paid fairly. This is something that most jewelers can offer, but there is one precious stone that is still hard to obtain in a humane manner, which is the diamond. Mining diamonds are notoriously hard and inhumane. Sometimes, people are put in dangerous situations to obtain a diamond, which is one reason people are starting to see the value in diamonds made artificially.


Many jewelry enthusiasts are starting to see the value in hand-crafted pieces. These pieces are pricier, and they can take some time to complete, but they are worth it. The pieces are unique and are stamped with a unique touch that cannot be matched by other pieces. Of course, you should know that most of these pieces are normally found online or in certain specialty jewelry locations since they are handmade. You should also start to pay attention to jewelry artists so that you know who to trust with your pieces.

Nature Infused

Jewelry enthusiasts are also starting to infuse nature into jewelry pieces to make them even more interesting. For example, some people are starting to wear leather necklaces with their jewelry pieces instead of steel-based necklaces. Some people are incorporating other natural stones and abandoning the notion of focusing only on precious stones. For example, some people are starting to use quartz crystals while others are using onyx.

Some people are even beginning to use these inexpensive stones in their wedding rings, even though diamonds are the preferred stone. Yak bone is another interesting material that is being used more and so is wood. Those who decide to incorporate these materials are making bold statements in the world of jewelry.

Cultural and Spiritual Statements

It might seem strange but people are interested in making both cultural and spiritual statements with their jewelry. Some people are starting to wear a bindi though it is not always associated with religion but rather just to show solidarity with the culture. Others are wearing triangles to show that they believe in energy balance. Of course, there are obvious pieces associated with major religions, but other pieces are connected to energy and mother earth, which is relatively new to this society.

These are just some of the changes that are rocking the world of jewelry nowadays though there might be others around the corner. Jewelry always moves with the culture, so the industry was bound to go through a revolution.